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Strange Seizure Fantasy/Sci-Fi
PC Productions Contact: Christian Pichler
43-676-960-52 73
AT, Austria
Phone: 43-676-960-52 73
Christian Pichler
Producer Director Screenwriter
Christian Pichler Christian Pichler Christian Pichler
Cinematography Music Editor
Christian Pichler Christian Pichler Christian Pichler
Production year: 1999
Format: Super 8 mm
Video: VHS
All film rights are available
Film Ratio: Sound: 16mm
Film School Director attended: Self educated
Director Bio: 
Some little projects as actor and director
Production Assistant of THE ORANGE PAPER (independent motion picture)
Writer Bio:
Several novels
one American screenplay for motion picture (Action/Thriller)
Some hundreds of years ago, in the deepest middle ages, a young man was living at the castle of a king in Central Europe. 

Presence: The same man is living under the heaven of the 20th century. 
His name: John Halford. His age: 18. 

John Halford looks like an 18 years old man, nevertheless he is already 900 years old. Time historical pictures show him 1492 next to Christoph Columbus or 1773 next to George Washington. 

He is immortal. But how and primarily what made him to that what he is now? 
What happened then, some hundreds of years ago, in the deepest middle ages? 
Film awards
Web address: 
Buffy Will Make You Scream! Thriller/Horror 
Production Company Contact: Looking for representation...
Corona Media Group
1991 Mallory St.
San Bernardino, CA 92407, United States
Phone: 909-473-0947  
Sythetic Sarah Michelle Gellar
Producer Director Screenwriter
Hassan Rwizi Hassan Rwizi Hassan Rwizi
Cinematography Music Editor
Hassan Rwizi Music Library Hassan Rwizi
Production year: 2000
Format: Digital
Video: VHS
All film rights are available
Film Ratio: 2.35 Sound: Dolby A
Film School Director attended: Hollywood Film Institute, New Filmmakers Foundation.
Director Bio: 
Hollywood Film Institute, New Filmmakers Foundation. But for the most part I am self taught. I've been doing this ever since I was 16. That's 9 years. In that time I learned how to write, direct, shoot and edit films. Computer technology has evolved to a point where filmmakers can create high-level imagery at a low cost.

* Runaway - Short Film
* The Haunted Corpse - Short Film (In Production)
* Tirage La Rideau - Short Film (In Production)

Writer Bio:
* Angst - Feature Length
* Shepherd's Moon - Feature Length
Synopsis: This parody shows what would have happen if BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER was in SCREAM. It was made on a $500 laptop computer by the director, Hassan Rwizi.
Film awards: * Screening - Cinemanow & IFilm
* AOL Entertainment - Host ETV Hapman said: Checked out the was very nicely done!
Web address: 
The Driven Man Comedy/Short Film
Production Company Contact: Gregory McDonald
Phone: 818-559-6376
Fax: 818-563-3083
Dogface Pictures
846 N. Evergreen Street
Burbank, CA 91505, United States
Phone: 818-559-6376  Fax: 818-563-3083
Gregory McDonald
Steve Tom
Cara Hoepner
Michael Windser
Kurt Schwoebel
Producer Director Screenwriter
Gregory McDonald Michelle Truffaut Gregory McDonald
Cinematography Music Editor
Michelle Truffaut Buy Out Libraries Michelle Truffaut
Production year: 2000
Format: Digital/FilmLook
Video: Digital Betacam
All film rights are available
Film Ratio: 1.33 Sound: Dolby SR
Film School Director attended: AFI
Director Filmography
Ralph's Arm
The Last Tap Dance
Feral Cats LA
Images of Love
Writer Bio:
Mac Kelly, Life in the Director's Chair, comedy short;
Images of Love, short drama;
Ask the Mayor, feature comedy;
40 Minutes to Pacoima, feature comedy
Appeared in the films, Players Club, The Gift, Stomping Grounds, Blockers
Synopsis: Our witless hero, "The Man", learns the do's and don'ts of "pounding the pavement" in his drive to the top.
Film awards: Film Festivals: 2nd Place-Best Short, Film Escapade,Valleyfest, American Digital Arts, San Antonio Underground, Real to Reel TV Broadcasts: ShortTV (National), Cinema LA, Channel 4-England, Chicago, San Jose 15 web sites
Web address:
Firm Threat Drama/Short Film
OK Films Contact: Jordan Brulotte
3425 Blewett rd.
s12 c10
Nelson, BC, V1L 5P5, Canada
Phone: 250-352-9692
Jordan Brulotte
Thomas Middleditch
Chris Tanner
Nick Hines
Ian Wood
Producer Director Screenwriter
Jordan Brulotte
Thomas Middleditch
Jordan Brulotte Jordan Brulotte
Thomas Middleditch
Cinematography Music Editor
Jordan Brulotte
Joo-Hee Yun
Jordan Brulotte

Production year: 2000

Format: Hi8 and MiniDV
Video: S-VHS, MiniDV, VHS
Film theater, Film int'l, and internet distribution rights are available
Film Ratio: 
Jordan Brulotte Bio: Graduated from LV Rogers. I have participated in, and directed many film projects. Examples are, Death spy 3, the making of Death Spy 3, Firm Threat... etc. I have been working with video for many years and it is a passion of mine. I am currently looking for anyone who wishes to collaborate on a new project.
Synopsis: Firm Threat is a fast paced stop-motion animation made with 3 3/4 inch G.I. Joes. The sets however were built by me and my friends. When an evil force steals a top-secret weapon the government sends in their crack infiltration unit to uncover the whereabouts of the stolen property. Find the weapon, suppress the enemy, bring it back. The orders seem straight forward: until the unthinkable happens. The enemy bastards will pay. Case closed. This film took me and my friends 5 long months to finish. The video was edited with adobe premiere and Sound forge and was filmed in both Hi8 and Mini DV format. The end product is a gun-totting, action packed animation. This film turned out very well. 
Film awards: I have been doing video production all of my life. Some projects include 6 Lego stop-motion movies, death spy, making of death spy, music videos, misc interviews, misc segments for local comedy show, Firm Threat, too many small projects to list. I have either acted in, directed, edited, or helped with all of these.
Web address:
I AM Drama/Short Film
Solid Films, Inc. Contact: Joseph H. Biancaniello
185 Hillside Ave,
Williston Park
Williston Park, NY 11596, USA
Phone: 250-352-9692
Fax: 212-202-4920
Steve Varol
Sean Carrigan
Allana Kirk
Candace Stout
Producer Director Screenwriter
Joseph H. Biancaniello Joseph H. Biancaniello Joseph H. Biancaniello
Cinematography Music Editor
Evant Marilyn Older Joseph H. Biancaniello
Production designer
Joseph H. Biancaniello
Production year: 1999
Format: Hi8 and MiniDV
Video: S-VHS, MiniDV, VHS
Film theater, Video, Film int'l, and internet distribution rights are available
Film format: 16mm Film Ratio: 1:33:1

Film video type: Betasp, VHS

Joe received his undergraduate degree from St. Michael’s College in Theatre and Business Administration and went on to receive his MFA in film at American University. Upon founding Solid Films, inc. Joe has made 2 award winning short films, “I AM” & “Dessert?”, and is currently working on his first feature “Mary/Mary”.
Synopsis: “I AM” is the powerful story of 3 friends and their journey into themselves. Our main character is Mike (played by Stephan T. Varol), a melancholy young man torn between his faith in God and his lust for Laurie, played by Allana Kirk. A true Catholic, Mike routinely goes to confession until it becomes just that - a faithless routine. In light of Mike’s obvious insincerity during these brief, but telling confessional scenes, we along with his priest who is known to us only by his voice, begin to question Mike’s true faith. Complicating things even further is Jake, Mike’s housemate and friend (played by Sean Carrigan). Added all up with the fact that Laurie, Mike’s lover, is also Jake’s girlfriend guarantees “I AM” as a film rich in conflict and uncertainty.
Film awards: Elena Zastawnik Award ~ Best Written Film
2000 Magnolia Independent Film Festival 
Silver Award for Outstanding Independent Film
2000 World Affairs International Film Festival 
Best Student Film
2000 Long Island Film Expo
Best Independent Student Movie
2000 Bare Bones International Film Festival
Best Short Film
2000 Pirromount Film Competition
Best Narrative Featurette
2000 Film Festival
Honorable Mention ~ Intermediate Short Competition
2000 Spindletop Film Festival
Runner Up ~ Best Drama
2000 Flo Film Festival
Finalist ­ Shorts ~ Drama
2000 WorldFest/Houston International Film Festival
Award of Excellence ~ Creativity/Directing
2000 The Videographer Awards
Best of Show ~ Advanced Portfolio
2000 American Visions Festival
Audience Award
2000 American Visions Festival
Award of Distinction ~ Directing
1999 Communicator Awards
Award of Distinction ~ Student Production
1999 Communicator Awards
Official Selections
2000 Long Island Film Festival
2000 Myhelan Film Festival
2000 Rosebud Film Festival
2000 Palm Beach International Film Festival
2000 Kerala International Film Festival
2000 Rochester International Film Festival
2000 Yorkton Short Film Festival
2000 Luton Film Festival
2000 Chinsegut Film Festival
2000 Crossroads Film Festival
2000 DC Dance Film Festival
2000 Independent Eye
2000 Always Independent Film Audience Awards
2000 New York Lower East Side Film Festival
2000 L.A. Italian Film Awards
2000 New York Int’l Independent Film & Video Festival
2000 New Orleans Film Festival
Web address:

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