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Bus 44

Film Trailer
Bus 44

On the outskirts of a small town, a bus driver and her passengers encounter highway robbers. 

Running Time


10 Chinese with English subtitles


Screenwriter Dayyan Eng Producer
Dayyan Eng Dayyan Eng


On the outskirts of a small town, a bus driver and her passengers encounter highway robbers. "Bus 44" carries a universal theme that travels across all boundaries and societies, trespassing the dark side and bright side of human behavior.
Production Company:

Colordance Pictures
P.O. Box 7291
Bellevue, WA 98008
United States
Fax: +1 425 952-8052

Web Address: 
Cinematographer: Sam Koa
Music Composer: Zhang Yang
Editor: Dayyan ENG
Production Design: Xiao Hsu
Cast: Gong Beibi
WU Chao
LI Yixiang
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Contact Fax:
Film Agent: Colordance Pictures
Film Agent Phone:
Film Agent Fax:
Production Start:
Production Year 2001
Budget: $
Film Format: 35mm
Film Format Ratio: 1:1.85
Film Sound: Dolby SR
Film Video Type:
Number of Reels: 1

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video yes
Television No
Internet yes
International No

Director Bio and Credits

DAYYAN ENG (Writer-Director) who was born in Taiwan, is a young Chinese-American writer-director. He studied film arts in the US and transferred to the prestigious Beijing Film Academy where he finished his undergraduate studies in directing. A 35mm short film he wrote and directed in 1997 ("East 22nd Street") won awards and nominations at eight international film festivals, and was acquired by CANAL+ for exclusive rights in France. For the past five years, Dayyan has been directing national TV commercial spots for the Asian market. His second short film, "Bus 44", won awards at Venice Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, becoming the first Chinese-language short film to win at both festivals. The film was also invited to 2002 Cannes Film Festival's "Directors' Fortnight", and most recently won the Best Short Film Award at 2002 Florida Film Festival . Extensive Chinese media coverage and the success of "Bus 44" started a revival in short-filmmaking in China. It was a critical hit both in Asia and US/Europe, while at the same time gaining TV and theatrical distribution world-wide. Dayyan is currently China where he is directing a feature film for producers Jeffrey Lau and Wong Kar-Wai.

Director's Film School

Beijing Film Academy

Screenwriter Bio and Credits

Film achievements / News
  • Special Jury Award - 2001 Venice Film Festival
  • Jury Honorable Mention - 2002 Sundance Film Festival
  • Directors' Fortnight - 2002 Cannes Film Festival
  • Best Short Film - 2002 Florida Film Festival

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