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Blunts (providing a helping hand).

Running Time


30 English


Screenwriter Nicholas Lippman &
Luke Edwards
Nicholas Lippman Nicholas Lippman
Jamielyn Gamboa


A story about 2 stoners who are trying to get the rent money, but continuously end up short. They go through hilarious adventures and schemes in attempt to come up with the missing money. Has been called the next "Friday".
Production Company:

KaynoMax Entertainment
13531 Rye St. #2
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
United States
Phone: 818.808.0089

Web Address: 
Cinematographer: Nicholas Lippman
Music Composer: KaynoMax Music
Editor: Seth Casriel
Production Design: Nicholas Lippman
Cast: Nicholas Lippman
Luke Edwards
Manning O'Conner
Daniel Wasserman
Contact Name: Nicholas Lippman
Contact Phone: 818-808-0089
Contact Fax: 818-808-0089
Film Agent: Lippman Entertainment
Film Agent Phone: 310.913.1900
Film Agent Fax:
Production Start: 7/20/2003
Production Year 2003
Budget: $50000
Film Format: DV
Film Format Ratio:
Film Sound: Dolby SR
Film Video Type:
Number of Reels: DVD

Film distribution available for the following markets



Video yes
Television yes
Internet yes
International yes

Director Bio and Credits

An Actor since the age of 12, Nicholas is about to graduate California State University Northridge with a minor in Theatre, A minor in Screenwriting and a Major in English. Nicholas has acted in numerous independent films. This will be his second film as a writer/director. He is also sole owner of KaynoMax Entertainment, a music and movie production company.

Accomplished writer wrote for tv and film, music producer for the upcoming artist, Blackjack & CDXX, actor in 10 independent films, 2 pilots and tv shows.

Director's Film School

California State University Northridge

Screenwriter Bio and Credits

Same as the Director

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