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10¢ A Minute


....Your conscience WILL catch up with you!


Razz is going mad! He is a high profile journalist that casually discarded his ideals at the first sign of success. Every event, every milestone in his career has been shadowed and mocked. Every time. It rings, always ringing from the past to haunt him. 

“10 ¢ A Minute” is a 23 Minute allegorical film shot on Super 16mm, about a journalist with a conscience…and how it will catch up with you!! The film tells the story of Rasputin “Razz” Bender a young idealistic journalist. 

It begins in his small dingy apartment early in his career. Razz utilizes the free hallway phone to help with his journalistic duties. Soon he is offered jobs that pay a lot but do not always agree with his personal ideals or morals. He takes the money. His career gains momentum. But at every milestone he hears the unforgettable ring of the phone from his past. The greater the success, the more the phone rings. He can’t avoid it. Finally, he reaches his end; Razz decides to confront what has been dogging him. In a desperate attempt to end this madness, he rushes back to that old apartment to destroy the phone that’s been haunting him…only to find the building abandoned and the phone lying on the floor, in pieces. As he is about to leave, it rings. He picks up, on the other end...

Running Time Language Director Screenwriter
23 m English David Allen Ruth Anthony M. Digerolamo
Production company Sweety Kat Picturz
1637 Dekalb Street
Norristown, PA 19401
United States
Phone: 610.506.6496
Contact Name David Allen Ruth
Contact Phone: 610.506.6496
Web Address
Producer Russell Murray & David Allen Ruth
Cinematographer Jeffrey L. Baker
Music Sheponik, Kosar, Hann
Editor Scott Newman
Production Design Jim Williams
Cast Michael Shoeman
Tim Bensch
Melissa Dileonardo
Film Distribution is open  Theatre, Video, TV, International and Internet
Film Agent David Allen Ruth
Film Agent Phone 610.506.6496
Film Agent Fax
Production Start 07/23/2001
Production Year 2001
Budget $8,000
Film Format s16mm
Film Format Ratio 16:9
Film Sound Dolby SR
Film Video Type
Director Bio and Credits


David Allen Ruth has been a part of the Philadelphia production community for over a decade and has had a longtime love for the entertainment industry, particularly music and film. It was 1992 that David began his “Real World” education in filmmaking, working first hand with actors, directors, producers, cinematographers and other artists and technicians, all working together… creating moving pictures. Ten years later, with hundreds of film projects to his credit ( various positions), David made his Directorial debut with a short film titled “10¢ A Minute”, (which he also co-produced), in June of 2001.

“10¢ A Minute” is a 23 Minute allegorical film shot on Super16mm, about a journalist with a conscience…and how it will catch up with you!! The film has been submitted to some of the top festivals around the country.

David is currently developing a script for his second film, a short comedy, and hopes to begin shooting in February 2003.

David is looking forward to accepting the task of a feature film. His intent is to attract interest in financing a feature film, on the strength of his experience and the attention of his films!!
Film School attended 
Film Credits
Screenwriter Bio and Credits
Number of Reels 12
Film achievements

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