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United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)7957643705


Ian Cullen
Actor 2: Thomas Manning
Actor 3: Karen Edwards

Contact: Gary Fabbri
Phone: +44(0)7890-458052
About a man whose talents are to help people find their gift in life.
Producer Director Screenwriter
Malin Hylen Gary Fabbri Gary Fabbri and Malin Hylen
Cinematography Editor Music
Malin Hylen Trevor Tweedy Ramsey, Simons and Johns from Stereolab
Production designer
Malin Hylen
Production year: 2002
Video: DV
TV distribution, Int'l and Internet available
Film type: Digital Video Film Ratio: 4:3 Film Sound: Dolby SR

Director bio: Do It... Now! - Award winning short film
Gary Fabbri Works as Head of promotions for Fox Kids Europe.

Writer bio: Malin Hylen Written plays for off-Broadway, a novel and several screenplays.

Synopsis: Sisyphus is based on the Greek myth of Sisyphus. In our story Sisyphus is condemned to life as a street sweeper. Here he discovers his gift - to help people find their talents. One day he meets Thomas. Thomas appears to have no talents at all - or does he?
Film awards: Do It... Now! (2000) - Award winning short film
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