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The Award Showdown

Meetervision Entertainment

Las Vegas, NV USA
Phone: 702-642-0199
Fax: 702-642-0199

Contact: Josh Meeter

Producer Director Screenwriter
Joshua Meeter
Nick Meeter
Joshua Meeter Joshua Meeter
Cinematography Music Editor
Joshua Meeter John Williams Joshua Meeter
Production designer
Joshua Meeter
FormatSony Hi8
Theatre, video, tv and int'l are available
Film Ratio: 4:3 Film Sound: MONO Production year: 2000

A claymation tale of two filmmakers equally intent on seizing a coveted award, no matter what it takes.
Film awards: It was entered in the "National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts" Contest. It was ranked in the top 10 of over 4,387 applicants. 
Web address: 
The Promise (La Promesse) Drama
Flirt Films

3829, Botrel
Montreal, QU H4A 3G8, Canada
Phone: 514-489-5671
Fax: 514-484-0706

Contact: Patricia Chica

Vivtoria Sanchez
Stéphane Gagnon
Manuel Tadros
Christian Paul
Francine Grimaldi
Producer Director Screenwriter
Patricia Chica Patricia Chica Patricia Chica
Annie Poitras
Cinematography Music Editor
Daniel Roby
François Legris
Martin Lord
Ten Zen
Rachel Boutin
Marc-André Ferguson
Production designer
Patricia Chica
Charlotte Grant
Format: 35mm
Video: VHS
All film rights are available
Film Ratio: 1:66 Film Sound: Dolby SR Production year: 2000

With her dreamlike and poetic sense, Patricia Chica is part of a new generation of film directors who translate emotions with images, words and playful provocation. Set between surrealism and illusion, her artistic approach focuses on innovative techniques for narration an d avant-garde visual expression. As an ex-casting director, Patricia is a gifted director of actors in her own films; she knows how to get the best performance on every artist. She believes that every project should be creative and entertainment oriented. She has won numerous national and international awards because creativity is valued.

Patricia Chica has been working since she was 17 years old as a film, video and television director as well as a screenwriter. Following her graduation, with distinction, from the Film department at Concordia University, she is chosen by the professional association Women In Film (FCTVM) to participate in a training course for film-directing at the National Film Board of Canada. Early in her career, her versatility and creativity brought her to achieve multifaceted projects including award-winning short films, Canadian and American music-videos, musical documentaries, commercials and fashion videos. Her work has been aired on MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, MusiMax, Bravo!, TVOntario/TFO, CTV/CFCF12, Radio-Canada, Vidéotron, CJNT, TQS, and presented in numerous film festivals around the world. Passionate about art and fashion, she also created Make Up For Ever Paris’ visual promos in close collaboration with New York painter Corno.

A born globe-trotter, Patricia likes to combine her three passions: travel, music and creation and has worked in Canada, USA and France. In 1996, she embarks on a trip bound for Europe, alone with her rucksack and her video camera. She returns to Montreal with two short films, Renaissance d’Aphrodite and Une Québécoise à Paris, filmed across a dozen European cities. That same year, after a tour of international film festivals, her work collects two prizes at the 27th CIIAFF in British-Columbia. Patricia also receives an excellence distinction from the OFQJ (an Agency from the Quebec Government) for the quality and the relevance of her commentaries. In 1997, the Canadian Parliament awards her an honorary mention as Revelation of the Year in the Canadian artistic milieu (Hispanic in particular).

Patricia Chica is pursuing her work as a dramatic film director with her first 35mm film The Promise (La Promesse), a musical romantic drama aimed at a young audience. This film has won four awards and five nominations in Canada, USA and France among which the Grand Prize for Best Directing in Saint-Affrique (France), the Best Short Drama Award in Mississippi (USA) and the Grand Prize for Best Foreign Language Film in Rhode Island (USA). Presently, Patricia Chica is writing her new film project entitled Train of Desire that will be produced by Périphéria Productions (Montreal) in co-production with Ellabel Productions (Paris). To be continued... 

Writer bio: 
TRAIN OF DESIRE - Short Film 2001
THE PROMISE - Short Film 2000
THE WAITING - Short Film 1993
Film School: Concordia University, Montreal, film program 
One day, Victoria comes across a letter that she wrote to herself as a teenager, in which she promises to meet her adolescent boyfriend, Jimmy, at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve 2000. Memories of the past come to her mind; the temptation is very strong… After all, a promise is a promise!
Film awards: Patricia Chica has won numerous national and international awards with her most recent short drama THE PROMISE.
Web address: 
Total Control Comedy/Digital/DVD
Dominion Films Contact: Abiiba Howell
P.O. Box 22582
Houston, TX 77227, USA
Phone: 713-807-0990
Fax: 713-842-2443
Derrick Dixon
Lauren Story
Barry Oberlander
Producer Director Screenwriter
Abiiba Howell Abiiba Howell  Abiiba Howell 
Cinematography Music Editor
Llayrron Greer Randolph Partain Red E Productions
Production designer
Abiiba Howell
Production year: 1999
Format: Mini-DV
Video: VHS
All film rights are available
Film Sound: Mono
Film format: Mini DV Film Ratio:

Film video type: VHS

Abiiba Howell started as a film industry makeup artist and was hired to coordinate a film she interviewed to do the makeup for. She trained as the PC until production began, then switched to head the department. Continued makeup, added wardrobe styling, doing work on such projects as The Chase, Dark Dancer, casting for Tin Cup, Hidden Obsession (with Jan Michael Vincent and Heather Thomas), America's Dream with Bill Duke directing and Danny Glover as talent and Executive Producer. Numerous music videos followed (including for Public Enemy, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, The Geto Boys, Dor or Die and more) before her next opportunity came in production. Abiiba Howell began producing music videos and commercials (including for Scarface's record label, and a music video for Willie D). Dominion Films was formed in January, 1997 to serve as a production vehicle for her own and outside projects. Although from Chicago, she is currently living in Houston, where her film roots are planted. Dominion Films' focus in determining which to produce has shifted to that of family oriented projects (that the entire family can sit and watch).
Synopsis: A stockbroker, Arthur Hightower, whose life was one of controlling everyone in his midst..... until the day a roach invades the inner sanctum of his ear. His life was never the same.... 

Abiiba Howell wrote, directed and produced "Aging With Grace" (1998); Makeup for 25 feature films, 63 music videos and over 150 commercials.

Film awards
Web address:
A Small Corner in Hell Art/Dance/Music/Film School
Razorbrains Contact: John B. Dauer
4702 Sherbrooke Ct.
Allison Park, PA 15101, USA
Phone: 724-444-1375
John B. Dauer
Sharif Hamdy
Producer Director Screenwriter
John B. Dauer John B. Dauer John B. Dauer
Cinematography Music Editor
John B. Dauer Various Artists John B. Dauer
Production designer
John B. Dauer
Production year: 1995
Format: Video
Video: Video
Can not be distributed without rights and clearances
Film Sound: Mono
Film format: Video Film Ratio: 4:3

Film video type: VHS

John B. Dauer is attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP) from 6/94-6/96, He came from Erie, PA to Pittsburgh for the soul purpose of becoming a music producer. When he was introduced to the art of video and film he knew that he had finally found the soul mate for the music he loved so much. He worked on many college projects and excelled in his courses, to the point that he was asked to teach at AIP in 1998. After freelancing for 2-1/2 years, he is now a full time video director for an ad/marketing agency in Pittsburgh. Other works include: "A Mother's Love" a 5 min B/W silent film. 
Synopsis: Inspired by "Henry, Portrait of a serial Killer"(a version seen on Cinemax in the late 80's) and "The Exorcist" as well as multiple music types and internal rage, "A Small Corner in Hell" is a visual montage of dialogue, music video, sound effects and art. A serial killer is being interviewed on his last day before execution and is asked to recall his thoughts. 

This is done in a stylistic video manner and is just a little disturbing. Unfortunately the video utilizes a few copyrighted songs and film quotes and can not be distributed without rights and clearances. 

Film awards: Mostly video...some Communicators and Telly's
Web address:

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