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 1st TV ScriptWriting Competition Results (3rd Annual)


Round 1

1st TV Writing Competition


1st TV Script Writing Competition Names First Round Qualifiers

Hollywood, CA -- Filmmakers names qualifiers in round one of the 3rd Annual 1st TV Script Writing Competition. The Competition attracted a total of 784 entries worldwide.

Round One Qualifiers are : (in alphabetical order)

1-800-SAVE-ME By Jessica Hinds
 A conversation with Roosevelt By Vadim Kukharev
 A Small Facet By Tony Park
 All Dressed and Ready to Go By Louisa Rubin
 Boston Beat By Kendra Cunningham
 Brooklyn 99 "Good Cop, Old Cop" By Sonia Gumuchian
 Califronia Bound By Vada Keenan
 Caravaggio: Out of Shadows By Mark Mazzenga
 Carnation By Lili Matta
 Chocolate Potato By Neil O'Neil
 Clueless Kind (pilot) By Reign Hare
 Crossroads in the Valley By Noor Prather
 Cupids By Diana Djurcinovska
 Deep Scars Can Disapear By Emmaline Waldron
 Domesticating Sasquash By Frank Vespe
 End of Life (Pilot) By Sean Collins-Smith
 Evening Sun Dying By jake smith
 Everhart By Kate Wayman-Dodd
 Experinces of Affection By Terrell Thompson
 f7/f2 By Ana Ziegler Loes
 Film Student Gary By George Alexander Acavalos
 Fire Brothers By Carmen Madison
 FML By Robin Conly
 Friendly Dark Stranger By Louise Vernon
 Grace and Frankie By Beth Robbins
 Great Kills By Susan Hippen
 Heavenly Wishing By Kallie Allred
 Hi Again (Original Pilot) By Sonia Gumuchian
 High school 101 By William Foley
 Iron Border - "Family Secret" By Larry Thomas
 Last Lap By James Booth
 Last Resort By Mark Sarian, Ari Voukydis
 Lost Angeles By Leah Rae Hulgin
 Loud Speaker By Bonnie Cho
 Loyal Royals By Sonia Gumuchian
 Meet the One By Emmalynn Rudd
 Michelangelo By Roberto Lemos
 Modern Relationships By Holland Hawk
 Monster Mauler By Bryan Trotman
 Mr Robot: Live or Die By Marcus Goodwin
 Murder Plotz (Pilot episode of "Brooklyn Deli") By Jim Norman
 NAUTI GIRLS By Linda Toussaint
 No Past By Stevie Denny
 Nobody's Tracks By Guy Harvey
 NUMA - Pilot (19) By Angie Amaro, Elliot De Boeck
 Persuasion By Susan Hippen
 Picture's Up By Andrea Behring
 Playing the Place By Alex Williams
 Rando Episode 1 (Jesus Piece) By Daniel Saulnier

 Restless - TV Pilot By Yusuf Gad
 Road Trip to Nowhere (pilot) By Faye Kiser
 Sideline By Kristy Thomas
 Sirens - earlier version By Paige Buckley
 Soul Searching Time By Monserrat Ransom
 Supergirl: Eclipsed --coverpage with writer info By Yanjuan Song
 SUPERNATURAL - Don't Look Back By Bonnie Bonaduce
 Tetterbaum's Truth By Susan Claridge
 The Boys Are Back By Jay Mullings
 The OTHER SIDE By Theo Lacey
 The Recruit By Jessica Ferrato
 The Section By Shantress Spencer, Christopher Carter
 The Size of the Fight in the Dog By David Samuels
 The Third Kind (pilot) By Alessia Herrington
 The Three Dudes By gwenis alexis
 This Is Us: Birds And The Bees By Kristy Thomas
 To Be Seen By Susan Hippen
 Tricking Jane By Maxine Grover
 Wana Change Your Life? By Naya Paulson
 Who Done It? (pilot) By Estelle Babb
 Wild Mind 1 By Fujio Torikai
 Your Life Begins Anytime By
Acts of Treason By Kaison Prescott
All the Presidents Women By Canaan Mclain
Apolo 3000 (pilot) By Titan Knutson
Assembly Required (pilot) By Wilder Trejo
Bad Doctors By Elsie Wilcox
Bait and Bite By Jordan Osborne
Being Fresh By Aubriella Jean
Billions - A Friendly Takeover By Leonel Comer
Billions - By Sterling Guevara
Billions - Catch Me Catch Me Not By Zayn Naquin
Billions - Free Money By Kamden Woodall
Billions - Rules Made To Be Ignored By Atlas Boston
Buy or Die, That's No Lie By Andi Jacob
Campus Affairs By Yousef Pool
Chasing Rose By Avalynn Begay
Cheating (ep.1) By Kye Hemphill
Childhood Friends By Mckinley Sweeney
Crazy Barry By Finnley Read
CRC Agency (pilot) By Ameer Reagan
Deceived by All By Joseph Dillon
Defend Your Values By Benjamin Shields
Distant Memory By Grey Driver
Dora's Coffee Shop By Anakin Goodson
Driving Ms. America By Gannon Faulk
Drummer Not Required By Ford Dove
Empty Houses By Kannon Goldsmith
Fargo - By Leo Darling

Fargo - Isolation By Jacob Kruse
Fargo - Setup Con By Lucas Friend
Fighting their Battles By Lochlan Bourgeois
Finding Spirituality By Clyde Flood
Florida Bound By Vera Kirby
Gillian Got game By Dalary Koenig
Here for Jordan By Boone Winslow
Homeland - Don't Con a Con By Thiago Pereira
Homeland - The Tristate Dilema By Jayceon Bermudez
Instant Navigator (new) By Stetson Call
Jobs Wanted! By Magnus Sams
Just Call Max (new TV series) By Kamari Vann
Leave Nothing Behind By Bethany Bond
Lethal Dosage By Kehlani Geiger
Married Without Children By Langston Chu
Missing Baby By Ariella York
Modern Family - Anniversary Bash By Evalyn Parra
Modern Family - Anniversary Bash By Evalyn Parra
Modern Family - Found Him By Annalee Esposito
Modern Family - Found Him By Annalee Esposito
Modern Family - Kind Love By Veda Champion
Modern Family - Kind Love By Veda Champion
Modern Family - Simple Girl By Hadleigh Lassiter
Modern Family - Simple Girl By Hadleigh Lassiter
Mr. Robot - Copy cat By Graham Tabor
Mr. Robot - The Power Spender By Luca Alfaro
Mr. Robot - Unglued By Lorenzo Mohr
Mr. Robot By Lukas Gallo
Murder or Assisted Suicide? By Romina Irving
My Secret Love By Averie Abbott
No Dress Code (new) By Augustine Tackett
Out to Lunch (new sitcom) By Otis Hanks
Power Tools (TV pilot) By Leonard Tilley
Rain Dancer By Lucian Schaffer
Rich in Love By Briggs Vogt
Saving Her Baby By Dariel Gold
Scandal - By Noah Ladd
Scandal - Distaction Mirror By Calliope Medrano
Scandal - Eye Watch By Maren Hutton
Scandal - The New Order By Lyra Means
Scandal - Trading Secrets By Belle Leary
Scandal - Trap Setting By Vienna Romo
Silicon Valley - ; TechVantage By Grady Flint
Silicon Valley - Backdoor Snooping By Leon Isaac
Silicon Valley - Data Serve By Kyrie Bliss
Silicon Valley - Network Justice By Louis Reaves
Single Again By Talon Doran
Sleeping In the Middle By Aya Ogden

Small Men (pilot) By Lucca Landis
Smiling Faces! By Maison Lunsford
Squeeze Play (pilot) By Anson Early
Star Tracking By Kyree Fenton
Step Aside and Look By Logan Lin
Stormcloud By Marat Berdyyev
Swinging Both Ways By Kase Champagne
Texas Milk By Mack Ambrose
The Americans - An American Dream By Silas Schulz
The Americans - Due Visit By Leonardo Askew
The Americans - Too Polite By Luis Valentin
The Appolcalypse By Forrest Lim
The Big Bang Theory - Block Chain By Ellianna Parr
The Big Bang Theory - By Zainab Greenberg
The Big Bang Theory - Don't Split the Atom! By Nathalia Chacon
The Big Bang Theory - Eneregtics By Emmie Sands
The Big Bang Theory - Heavy Elements By Aranza Vick
The Big Bang Theory - Hidden Molecule By Estella Roark
The Big Bang Theory - Lie Detector By Ailani Mayberry
The Burning Hut By Baylor Boudreaux
The Country Manor (pilot) By Lachlan Zapata
The Funny Doctor By Fox Shearer
The Mouse Trap P.I. By Axton Whitlock
The Nutty Policeman By Brentley Saldana
The Pale Prince By Dash Foote
The Pleasure Kingdom (pilot) By Kaysen Aragon
The Sunny Home By Sawyer Guerra
The Tall Marine By Reyansh Mckinnon
The Trojan Horsemen By Ares Corcoran
The Walking Dead - Danger Zone By Marjorie Skaggs
The Walking Dead - Hope Dead By Zendaya Coley
The Walking Dead - Past Post By Ellison Whitman
The Walking Dead - Sane Among Men By Jana Bruner
The Walking Dead - Slick One By Marleigh Shipman
To Be You, Again and Again By Aniyah Cannon
To Fight Another Day By Castiel Koehler
Trailer Park Girls By Kali Cobb
Two Years Sober By Callum Hyatt
Ultimate Collector By Charlie Saunders
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Don't Look Now By Duke Pickens
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt By Apollo Brand
Under Pressure By Gracie Cummings
Veep - Madam Ambassador By Luka Earl
Veep - New Assistant By Luciano Carrier
Veep - Without makeup By Leonidas Delong
Vendetta Warning By Cameron Macias
Virtual Love (Pilot) By Angel Norton
Visiting Amsterdam By Axl Keyes
Wild Cherries By Thomas Khan
Wish for It! By Olive Lindsey





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