Susan Hippen


Set in the world of tap dancing, "Sarah's Sensitive Cowboy" is a suspense story in the vein of a Hitchcock thriller. Nothing is ever what it appears.

Sara Wilder, who runs her own tap dance studio, is a hollowed-out mess, haunted by deep personal loss and devoid of much emotion. Depressed, she has a difficult time concentrating while heading up her nightly dance classes and pops Xanax like candy. On top of that, she may be having visions of a mysterious man clad in a hoodie.

And, against the advice of her best friend, Leslie, who thinks the streets are too dangerous at night, Sara aimlessly rides her bicycle home every evening, as if in a deep fog. And it appears she may be being watched. Her only emotional refuge seems to be the company of her dog, Quimby, and watching old Hollywood musicals.

Through flashbacks, we learn Sara was engaged to Richard Conrad, another dancer, who owned and ran the studio with her. But, it is not quite clear what happened to cause Sara so much pain. But what we do know is that her pain is unbearable, to the point she carries a gun around with her most of the time. Sara appears to have some grand plan, as alluded to in cryptic conversations she has with her dog.

In her fragile emotional state, is Sara’s intent to kill herself? Or, does she have some other motive that drives her erratic behavior?

All is revealed in the emotional pulse-pounding ending that will have you guessing until the end.

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