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13th Annual American Gem Short Screenplay Competition
& Literary Festival Results


Round 1

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American Gem Literary Festival and Write Brothers
Names First Round Qualifiers

Hollywood, CA -- American Gem and Write Brothers names qualifiers in the first round of the 13th Annual American Gem Literary Festival. The Competition attracted a total of 1309 entries worldwide;
including 1,026 short scripts, 221 short stories, 51 TV scripts, 5 treatments and 6 documentaries.

(All Categories in alphabetical order)

A Group of Girls at the End of the World by Lori Ulm
A Late Afternoon With A Connected House by Michael Lucas
A Most Unusual Birth by Shawn Harmon
A Mutual Decision by Liam Jones
A Present Beneath Me by Mason Miller
A Snake's Venom by Rosie Jack
Alice In Horrorland by sharon quiroz
America the Be Full by Tate Villalobos
American Traitor in America by Hadlee Bellamy
Angel Drive by Olivia Taylor
Angry Thoughts by Maisie Kimble
April Wedding by Margot Gagne
At Faith Value by Marat Berdyyev
Babies and Miracles by Lily Jackson
Battle of Shangri-La by Chloe Lee
Be Aware of the Times by Wren Queen
Beatrice Brought Dessert by Lauren Young and Emma Radest
Beauty Feast by Avery Clark
Beauty Makeover by Leona London
BECKSTER by Lynn Dow
Becoming a Cyborg 2200 by Lucy Madrid
Becoming Royalty by Frida Rhoades
Becoming the Wild by Mark Hertzler, Toby Valdes
Behind the Curtain by Dene Stark
Being Perfect by Phil White
Beyond Plague by Riley Sanchez
Beyond the Stairwell by Celine Burr
BIRD LADY by Linda Rumney
Blessed Days by Valentina Casadei
Bloody Man Next Door by Kaliyah Goddard
Born Sticky by Royalty Munson
Break One Get Two by Thea Maher
Bruce, the Car Salesman by Everly Lusk
Bubbly Persona by Mary Sutherland
Bullet Magnet by Ariya Adair
Bunking Together by Tracey Wilkins
Butterfly Kisses by Aurelia Judd
Caged Bully by Sutton Elliot
Can't Sleep With Betty by Sophia Randle
Canvas in the Rain by Milena Light
Charade of a Fly by Campbell Dalglish
Chasing Titles Vol. 1 by Ryan Egypt
Children of Terror by Anna Phillips
Children of the Bean by Royal Marcus
Chocolate Surprise by Gracie Thayer
Christmas at the Einstein's by Xzavier Block
Christmas Family by Megan Skinner
Civil Conversations by Fredric V. Collins
Crossing New Jersey by Penny Matos
Crying in Her Sleep by Paislee Seay
Damnation City by Leah Flores
Daphne by April Barnett
Dark Planet by Kora Nickerson
Dark War on Green by Annabelle Morris
Dating At Dawn by Mark Christopher Boyd
Dead Body Actress by Mike Carrier
Deadly Force by Virginia Pullman
Deadly Girl at School by Coraline Culver
Deaf of the Hearing by Tristin Goodrich
Defining a Life by Tristan Vera
Deliberate Acts of Hate by Victoria Cook
Delicate Negotiator by Tatum Longoria

Destiny's Fool by Azariah Gage
Devil's Building by Kenia Root
Dick - Ep. 101 - Pilot by Aaron Mara
Dog One Lost by Freya Hope
Dog Years by Jeremy Storey
Dog's and family by Kalani Jacobsen
Don't Read Between the Lines by Stanley Tobin
Don't Squeeze the Fruits by Lucille North
Double Trouble by Marquetta Speno
Doug by Linda Rumney
Dougie Dog by Montgomery Burt
Dreaming of Better Days by Deirdre Smith
Drink in Your Sleep by Steven Perdue
Ear Whisperers by Makayla Howard
Early Birds by Paul Weidknecht
Eat Well Leave Hungry by Yaritza Kerns
Eat, Drink but no Sleep by Trenton Oakley
Echo Lakota Nine by Scott Fleishman
Elitist Intern by Kori Huddleston
Embrace of Wonder by Skyler Diaz
Embrace Yourself by Deirdre Mathis
Emperor of Spain by Allison Richardson
End is Near by Emory Oleary
Even Cowgirls Love Retail by Stacy Barton
Evil Speaks by Milton Dorris
Expedition to Africa by Liliana Reyes
Facebook Likes by Brandon Ogden
Failure to Communicate by Lennox Hanley
Faith Exploited by Harlee Hammer
Falling Heroes in America by Sydney Abel
Famine in America by Eliana Long
Fashion is My Kryptonite by Adeline Foster
Father of the Year by Jason Cantrell
Feeling Home by Stephanie Churchill
Fiends and Traitors by Keira Morales
Fragile Peace by Alaia Negron
Friendly Creature of the Night by Milani Pendleton
Full Moon Down by Kaelyn Barnes
Fun Nation by Evan White
Fun Revenge by Kinslee Rowell
Girl on a Bus by Trey Staples
Girls Be Boys and Boys be girls by Marco Pettit
Going to Sleep Hungry and Angry by Yahir Whittaker
Golden Light by Piper Patterson
Gone to Ellen's House by Steve Bravo
Grey Sunshine by Jessa Bain
Guarding One by Aubrielle Gifford
Haunted Land by Gwen Mock
Haus Rules by Jason Rothberg
Have A Heart by Mary Rojas
Have My Napkin by Lucia Sherwood
Heart Thieves by Liam Wallace
Heaven & Hell on Earth by Montserrat Bouchard
Highway Surfing by Bella Churchill
Human Choices by Azalea Hobson
I C Wedding by Sylas Maurer
I was a Modern Cinderella by Elijah Stevens
I was a teenage Cyborg by Michael Marshall
Illusions of Grandeur by James Harrison
Infinite Love by Poppy Parson
Inner Child Moments by Ariadne Bartley
Insanity Maker by Keith Taylor
INSIDE THE BIGGEST POT by mara masolini
Instant Surrender by Connor Wells
Jingle Bells, Jingle Spirit by Xavi Crenshaw
Judgmental Jude by Pawan Sawlani
Justice Seeker by Joelle Bergman

Kelly's Triple Mistake by Remi Kenny
Kid Soldier by Kelly Jean Karam
Kidnapping the Girl Next Door by Yazmin Keene
Kindness to a Stranger by Gabriel Washington
Lady of Doom by Henry Tucker
Land of the Free and Imprisoned by Jacquie Latham
Last Paycheck by Grayson Burns
Lawless Land by Andrew Butler
Leaving America by Winter Diggs
Liar, Liar! No More… by Yamilet Darden
Life Live by Zahra Myrick
Life on Canvas by Jake Jones
Life, Love, Madness, Heaven, Hell, Death. by Wyatt L. Crawford
Little Man Rises by Sebastian L. Hunter
Living and Dying Daily by Frank Hill
Loretta by Terri Kauffman
Love by the Lake by Yandel Chin
Love For One by Mabel Stovall
Love in Wealth by Zaylee Dutton
Love Me or Leave Me by Connor Wilson
Love Seeker by Samuel Hunt
Loving Nights and Delights by Sullivan Benoit
Lust Found by Edward Carr
Madness Unbecoming by Christian Black
Magical Nights of Barcelona by Addilynn Presley
Man From Hell City by Zoe Mackay
Married My Plumber by Trevon Medeiros
Marrying Virtual Style by Sierra Staton
Master of Ceremonies by Joseph Meyer
Matter & Manner by Maria Krovatin
Meeting Faith by Amaris Christiansen
Mike the Trainer by Sharon Cacciabaudo
Mindy's Mission by Ivory Ashby
Momma's Heart by Gwenis Alexis
Moon Dust by Antonella Crandall
Moonwalks with Father by Talia Valle
Morning Mist by Muhammad Rose
My Amazing Adventure on Venus by Melany Magnuson
My Brother My Sister by Boris Robertson
My Life as an Agent Assistant by Ximena Spicer
My Lovely Friends by Austin Herrera
My Pink Scarf by Tristen Shaver
My Tall, Dark, and Handsome by Alaina Shultz
Never Loving David by Kelly Jean Karam
News Stand by Kevin Yoon
No Devil Worship Allowed by Tanner Cornelius
No Hair I don't Care by Tabitha Lundy
No More Souls by Summer Washburn
No Way Home by Ian Daniels
Northbound by Mark Allen
Nose Shine by Wyatt Beaver
Nour by Maitha Alawadi
Only the Weak Can Survive by Hudson Kelley
Oprah Comes to Town by Susan Dennison
Out to Lunch, Be Back Never by Adrian Pierce
Packing Light by London Wu
Palaces by Taryn Procsal
Paper Sunday by Rachel Napolitano
Passion in Fashion by Leo Arnold
Passion Nation by Elora Talbot
Past Master by Marat Berdyyev
Pie by Dannes Zhang
Pirates of the Nile by Xavier Castro
Planets Colliding by Saylor Nava

Pointing Fingers by Oliver Simpson
Power Out by Laurie Stark
Princess Down by Aitana Meier
Queen for Life by Briar Dowdy
Rest Before Sleep by Sylvia Shipley
Ride Your Pride by Kailani Benavides
Rise of the Cyborgs by Milana Herndon
Rise Without Fear by Brody Bradley
Road Trip to Miami by Trevor Witherspoon
Road Trip to Mothers by Pippa Black
Rock, Paper, Sister by Dan Tomasulo
Roses by Jacqueline Burt
Run Away by Bruno Machado Gomes
Rushing Home by Train by Winston Corona
Ruth's by Chen Drachman
Sad Times At Jersey High by Astrid Whitt
Salsa Wars by Luciana Barrow
Sane Choices, Insane Results by Xander Mccracken
Santa Claus Comes to Dinner by Khaleesi Connors
Santa Clause on a Train by Lennon Hearn
Santa Monica Dreaming by Wynter Busby
Santa's Broke by Eulogio Besada Rey
Saving Satan by Itzayana Bonds
Secret Crossing by Noa Doty
Secret Out by Joseph Nash
Seeing Red Flags by Simon Easley
Selfish Acts of Kindness by Katalina Ouellette
Sergeant Max by Emma Carpenter
Shelter in Place by Melanie Wilderman
Silence is Golden by Thomas Robotham
Sinful delights by Madison Lawrence
Single and Happy by Charlotte Garza
Sleep Deprived by Dominic Miller
Smiling on the Inside by Stephanie Yu
so close by Brandon Morales
Speak Your Language by Yehuda Coon
Speedy Delivery by Olivia Davidson
Spy High Pilot by Jeff Woodard
Stairway to Love by Amelia Carlson
Start the Motor Carl by Tristian Hogue
Steak or Biscuit by Wilson Engle
Steam Rooms by Carl Allan
Sudden Jeopardy by Victoria Burke
Supreme Love by William Anderson
Sweet Don by Monroe Sheldon
Take the Job by Daleyza Mcnally
Tales of Three Girls by Joshua Greene
Tall, Dark and Handsome but Deadly by Addison O'Brien II
Target: Spain by Tara Crain
Tasty Treats at the Corner deli by Yadiel Dill
Teen and Lean by Sienna Calvert
Terminal Conquest by Lillian Lawson
Terminal Factor by Lillian Eason
The Alien Bus Driver by Lorelei Myles
The best morning by Mariam Lomitashvili
The Blind Supermodel by Zoe Mendez
The Boys Are Back by Jay Mullings
The Cat on the Train by Yasmin Jorgensen
The Chosen Miracles by Emmeline Addison
The Clown-Faced Plumber by Frederick Jones
The Creatures of Habit by Camila Hanson
The Damnation Manager by Lorelai Tovar
The Disco Heel by Kendall Klym
The Dividing Line by Magnolia Caron
The Dying Muse by Paisley Reid
The Einstein' portrait by any kim
The Face Reader by Mercy Lujan

The Field Trip by Sam Kench
The Forgotten Children by Jessica Berry
The Fun Ice House by Madelyn D. Davidson
The Girl With The Green Eyes by Serenity May
The Girl with the Sun Dress by Amia Jernigan
The Hero Maker by Dominic Springer
The Hostess by Liz Bender
The Hostile Preacher, the Beginning by Esther Y. Potter
The King of Night by Mackenzie Santos
The Large Elephants by Adaline Stahl
The Legacy of Medusa by Kylie Valdez
The Legendary Scientist by Collins Salter
The Mad Chemist by Ariyah Moreland
The Magic of Caligula by Faith Guerrero
The Manhattan Showdown by Zelda Starnes
The Mind Snatcher by Mavis Marion
The New Antique Shop by Jack Rutherford
The Old Man and the Tree by Ryan King
The Piper at the Gates of Hell by Sophie Caldwell
The Rain Forest by Isabelle Nunez
The Sad Billionaire by Adley Connell
The Second Alien by Everleigh Looney
The Second Look by Kaylani Barnhart
The Sex Slave by Reagan Maldonado
The Soul Guard by Ophelia Jolly
The Soul of an Evil One by Natalia Jennings
The Spoon Feeder by Tatiana Kincaid
The Step Down by Gordon Smith
The Tomb Beneath Us by Elena Steele
The Trophy Case by Pamela Mora
The Universe Visitor by Colette Honeycutt
The Village Antique Shop by Lilly Dominguez
The Village Idiot by David Manning
The Wedding Present by Martin Blinder
The Winning Loser by Taliyah Huynh
The Winning Mare by Londyn Currie
Third Fiddle by Matt Tolbert
This Heat Can't Be Beat by Adalynn Hale
Time to Stand by Joseph Simpson
Too Late for Love by Clementine Cullen
Touch No More Outdoor by Yamileth Dow
Trading Places, Not by Choice by Kylie Echols
Tragic Ending, the Beginning by Xavier Steiner
Trains, Plains and Skidoos by Yesenia Sierra
Two-Headed Dog by Yaretzi Kearney
Ultra Start to Life by Yareli Neff
Vendetta of Execution by Brooke Thornton
Venom Flavors by Stephen Healy
Virtual Parenting by Una Springer
Visiting Spirit by Emerie Yazzie
Voyager in the Boy by Ximena Fletcher
Warlord of Zergo by Troy Ali
Welcome To Chinatown by Benjamin Pollack
William Wishes by Michael P. VIdler
Wind Gliders of Neptune by Haichen Huang
Winning It All by Austin Baker
Winning the Rose by Henley Westbrook
Winter Fishing In Alaska by Eden Baldwin
Wishful Touch by Galilea Ragland
Without Motive by Nala Arredondo
Wolves On My Mind by Cataleya Whitten






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