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Along highway 70, a truck stops in front of the Lazy B Ranch. A man in US Army gets out of a truck then acknowledges the stranger who gave him a lift as the truck drives off. This isÖ

SAM IRBY, is a 25-year-old African American soldier of the United States Army that is visiting his childhood friend BRODY BURNS, a 25-year-old ranch hand, in New Mexico.

Brody arrives to pick up Sam in a smaller pick-up truck. Sam gets in and they exchange greetings as they drive deeper into the ranch.

Inside the corral, SAL (a ranch hand) works a horse. ELINOR SCOTT (another ranch hand) looks on as BRIGITTE (her older sister and the ranchís manager) brings her a mason jar of tea.

Elinor explains to Brigitte that being on the ranch is Brigitteís world not hers. We also learn that Elinor has taken a job in Washington, D.C. to get away from their parents. Elinor hasnít called their mother in weeks.

Meanwhile, Brody and Sam arrive as Elinor leaves. Brigitte thanks Sam for his service.

That night, Sam enjoys dinner with Brody and the rest of the workers at the ranch. Sam explains to the group that heís ridden before, but itís been awhile. He also reveals that while Brody was out playing cowboy, he was in the science lab.

Brigitte reveals that Elinor has a Ph.D in Political Science. Then Brigitte, Elinor, Sam, and Brody get into a discussion about government and politics.

The conversation causes Elinor to leave the room. Brigitte suggests that Brody take Elinor out with him and Sam later that night.

Outside moments later, Elinor reveals to Sam sheís a democrat. She also doesnít get her sister and her sister doesnít get her. She also tells Sam that their father is dying from the chemicals he was exposed to from working for the government and their mother canít take care of him. Sam asks Elinor to join him and Brody for a beer.

Later at The Surly Ranch Bar, the trio (Sam, Brody, and Elinor) drink at the bar. Brody leaves to talk to a female in the bar, Sam reveals to Elinor that he lost his parents at a young age and moved to live with his grandfather near Brody. Sam tells Elinor that him and Brody are more than friends, theyíre family.

LARRY (a rugged middle-aged man) backs into Sam as he backs up to the bar. Sam apologizes. But the guy bumps into him again on purpose. Larry gets upset at the fact that Elinor is at the bar with Sam (because, heís an African American).

Brody backs up Sam and Elinor. The trio leaves the bar. But, Larry follows them outside then punches Sam across the cheek. Sam stops Brody from fighting Larry.

CARL, a middle-aged white cop, comes around the corner. Larry blames the trouble on Sam. Carl questions Sam who tries to be respectful to him. Carl tells Sam to leave. Elinor takes up for Sam. But, Brody tells Carl that theyíll leave.

Moments later in Brodyís truck, the trio tries to process what happened at the bar. They all laugh at a quip that Brody makes. But, the moment turns solemn again.

The next morning back at the Ranch, Brigitte and Elinor make amends. Brigitte tells Elinor that she never wanted to be more than her sister. Elinor tells Brigitte itís unfair that their parents have to solely depend on Brigitte for care.

Later, Sal tips his hat as he passes Larry and Carl. Brigitte, Sam, and Elinor ride a few hundred feet back from them. Sam and Elinor share a moment away from the group. Sam tells Elinor he isnít bothered by Larry and Carl being on the ranch with them.

Sam tells Elinor that the problem of the color of his skin isnít between them and him, itís a problem that started between their grandfathers and has been mismanaged ever since.

Elinor reveals to Sam that she doesnít want to be a lobbyist and she is just writing papers about lobbyists. Sam reveals to Elinor that heís a republican.

Later, Brigitte informs Sam that his unit is being deployed. Brody agrees to give him a ride to catch his flight.

Even later, Brody drives Sam to a convenience store. Elinor returns from the convenience store with a bus ticket. She gives it to Sam who is standing outside and across the street with Brody. Sam runs to the convenience store to get change for the bus.

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old parks his car then enters the convenience store. The teenager leaves his girlfriend in the car with the engine running.

At the same time, Carl drives up in his truck then parks in the barís parking lot on the opposite side of the store.

Moments later, shouting is heard from inside the convenience store. The teenager runs out of the store with a fist full of money. Brody and Elinor watch as the teenager get into his car.

At the same time, Carl makes his way around the opposite side of the convenience store and Sam runs out to catch the teenager. The convenience store worker runs out behind Sam.

Carl (mistaking Sam as the thief) draws his service weapon then aims it at Sam. He fires two shots into Samís back. Sam collapses to the ground.

Elinor and Brody scream then run to Sam. Brody turns Sam over then cradles him in his arms. Sam is dazed, but still alive. In shock, Elinor stands there looking at the scene that she just witnessed.

Carl kneels then looks at Samís name tag. A crowd gathers around the scene. A bystander yells to the worker to call 9-1-1. A siren wails in the distance.

Our story ends with Brody crying as bystanders work to save Sam and Elinor stares at the scene.

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