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Sundance Feature Film Program
Sundance Feature Film Program
Deadline Entry Fee
May 01, 2005 $30
Award: Participation in the prestigious residential lab & travel expenses. 10-15 winners selected. 
Other Awards/Prizes: 
The Sundance Institute created the Feature Film Program in 1981 to support next-generation filmmakers, and has at its core the Screenwriting and Filmmaking Laboratories, held each year at Sundance, Utah. Designed to offer emerging screenwriters and directors the opportunity to develop new work, the Labs offer a uniquely creative environment under the concentrated guidance of veteran filmmakers.
Notification Date:  December 2005

Eligibility: If you are a non-American citizen living outside the United States, you cannot submit material to the Lab using this application. Please refer to our "How To Apply" page for instructions for international applicants. This application form is for U.S.-based filmmakers or American citizens living outside the U.S. only. You must provide a U.S. address in order to apply.

Full details available on the website.

Rules: Do not send the screenplay.
  • A cover letter introducing yourself and your project (e.g., Why are you applying to the program? Are you collaborating with anyone on the project? What is the status of the project? How do you envision the realization of the script? Etc.)
  • Resume/bio (which include name, address, and telephone) of the writer, and anyone else involved with the project (i.e. director, producer, etc.) It is not necessary to have anyone other than the writer attached.
  • A synopsis of the screenplay, no more than 2 pages, double-spaced.
  • The first 5 pages of your script. Do not submit script pages from any other work. Do not send the screenplay or video tape.
  • Visit website...
Web Address: http://www.sundance.org
Contact & E-mail: Michelle Satter
Contact Title: Director, Feature Film Program
Organization: The Sundance Institute
8530 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: 310.360.1981 
Fax: 310-360-1969
Contest News - Press Releases
Sundance Announces 12 Projects for 2003 January Screenwriters Lab
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