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Hollywood Scriptwriting Contest (HSI)
Deadline Entry Fee
l5th of each month $50
Award: Synopsis posted on ScriptNet website for l year
Other Awards/Prizes: l year's subscription to "Creative Screenwriting." Winning Certificate posted on HSI's website for l month.
To provide new and valuable outlets for promoting quality scripts of undiscovered writers worldwide.
Notification Date:  within 6 weeks of deadline

Eligibility: 90 to l30 pages written in industry standard format.
Rules: Only one copyrighted feature film script will be judged per entry. Scripts must be in English and unoptioned, accompanied by a l - 3 page, double spaced synopsis.
Web Address: http://www.Moviewriting.com 
Contact & E-mail: Donna Lee
Contact Title: Owner/Director
Organization: Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute. 
Dept. A

l605 Cahuenga Blvd., Ste. 2l6
Hollywood, CA 90028-620l
United States
Tel: 323.46l.8333 or 800-727-4787
Fax: 323-46l-8334
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