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Gimme Credit Short Screenplay Competition

Gimme Credit Short Screenplay Competition

Deadline Entry Fee
 05/09/2007 (early)
06/14/2007 (regular)
07/13/2007 (final)
07/24/2007 (WAB)
$9 Super Short, $29 Short (by 05/09/2007)
$14 Super Short, $34 Short (by 06/14/2007)
$19 Super Short, $39 Short (by 07/13/2007)
$29 Super Short, $49 Short (by 07/24/2007)
Award:  The Winning Short Screenplay is Produced
Other Awards/Prizes:  Prizes for the Short category awarded to 2nd and 3rd place as well as an Artistic Vision Award. The top three in the Super Short category are entered into competition for the Grand Prize, among other prizes. Please see website for a complete list!

All writers will receive feedback on their screenplays.

Gimme Credit is a tri-annual competition created with the single purpose of producing one talented writer's short script and giving exposure and development advice to as many writers as possible.
Notification Date:  See website
Eligibility: Short category - screenplays of up to 30 pages. Super Short category - screenplays of up to five pages. All live action genres are accepted.
Rules:  he Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition is open to all screenwriters 18 years of age and older. All scripts must be in English and must be registered with the Writers Guild ( or with the U.S. Copyright Office ( See website or Withoutabox listing for complete rules.
Web Address:
Contact & E-mail: Erica Engelhardt
Contact Title: Director
Organization: Gimme Credit LLC
4470 W. Sunset Boulevard #237
Los Angeles, CA 90027
United States
Phone: 310-734-8516
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