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Endas International Screenplay Competition

Deadline Entry Fee
June 30, 2009 €60 (by 06/30/2009)
Award:   €1000.

Other Awards/Prizes: Discount in Syd Field Workshop.

To discover new and innovative screenwriter.
Notification Date:  October 15, 2009.

Eligibility: All Writers 18+
  • 1. Italian and International, min 18 years old, screenwriters are welcome
  • 2. We welcome all genres of unproduced, never optioned, original feature scripts only. No remakes or adaptations of existing material. Scripts already submitted at previous editions of this competition can be resubmitted.
  • 3. Previous winners in Screenplay Competition are not eligible.
  • 4. Screenplays must be submitted by the deadline (no hand deliveries please).
  • 5. Multiple authorship screenplays are acceptable. The work must be the sole and exclusive property of the authors.
  • 6. Multiple entries are accepted. For every script the author must compile the entry/release form and pay the entry fees.
  • 7. All scripts must conform to the U.S. Motion Picture Industry standard screenplay format. Non standard formats will not admitted.
  • 8. Entries must be written in Italian, French, Spanish or English.
  • 9. Scripts must be between 90-125 pages in length. All pages other than the first page with the title should be numbered.
  • 10. Title page must include the title of screenplay only. Upon receipt, your screenplay(s) and entry form(s) will be assigned corresponding numbers and your screenplay(s) will be identifiable to the judges by number and title only.
  • 11. Judging is solely on the screenplay. Do not include the following information or materials as they will be disregarded: logline, synopsis, treatment, or any additional materials not specifically requested.
  • 12. Entering the competition constitutes permission to use the winners’ names and licenses for publicity and promotions without any additional compensation.
  • 13. Entry fee will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • 14. Once a screenplay has been submitted, substitutions of new drafts will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • 15. Writer(s) retain ALL rights for their entry(ies) when entering our competition.
  • 16. Entries may be submitted ONLY online. Online entry can only be accepted for screenplays submitted through Adobe (.PDF), or Microsoft Word formats (.DOC or .RTF).
  • 17. Timeline and entry fee:
    • a. Script despatched BEFORE MAY 30, 2008: € 40
      b. Script despatched between JUNE 1, 2008 and JULY 31, 2008: € 50
  • 18. Admittance will be fixed in accordance with:
    • a. Timeline and payment of the entry fee
      b. Document check.
  • 19. Every file will be scanned by an antivirus program. If the file contains or appears to contain malicious or other harmful codes, ENDAS, at its discretion, shall reject the submission. Please avoid sending Word documents with macros.
  • 20. Excluded Author(s) has(have) no right to claim for return of the fee and of the documents.
  • 21. With the submission of the entry form, the author(s) waives every claim or action against ENDAS or the JURY or anybody in case of exclusion from the contest
  • 22. Contest will award two prizes: “CATEGORIES” and “BEST SCRIPT”.
  • 23. The award for Categories competition will be assigned only if at least ten scripts are proposed for that category. In all cases, all scripts admitted will compete for the The Best Script prize.
  • 24. Jury will award the first prize only to noteworthy scripts. ENDAS reserves the right to decide not to award the fist prize if the scripts aren’t fully worthy.
  • 25. Judging will be anonymous and will be kept confidential.
  • 26. Judging will be structured in two parts:
    • I) The first part will be exclusively technical, based on the following criteria:
      • a. Format/Typos/Structure: Standard spec screenplay format (12 pt. Courier font, correct margins, spelling, punctuation, grammar usage, etc.), framework of the script. Effective use of three-act (most common), linear or non-linear story progression.
      • b. Plot: The actions, events, conflicts, and turning points that propel the story forward. How the story unfolds (points for originality/unpredictability).
      • c. Characters: Personalities that are distinctive, compelling, multi-layered, and unpredictable. A protagonist and antagonist with clear and active goals.
      • d. Dialogue: Voices that are natural, succinct, and unique to each character. Use of language that effectively reveals character and moves the story forward.
      • e. Premise/Concept/Originality: The idea behind the story. The originality of the theme.
    • II) In the second part the assessment will be based only on these elements:
      • f. artistic value
      • g. box office potential.
    • Every criterion has 1 (lowest) to 5 (max) points. 35 points is the maximum score. The Jury will not award Categories prize if the script fails to obtain al least 25 out of 35 points.
  • 27. Only one prize for will be assigned for every script.
    28. Judges' decisions are final.
    29. Prizes are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for any taxes.
    30. Only one author will receive The Best Script/Categories prize. Should a collaborative screenplay be selected as The Best Script/Categories prize winning entry, the writer who has compiled the application form will receive the prize.
    31. Every entrant will receive an email confirmation upon receipt of his/her script and payment.
    32. The Categories winners and Finalist will be announced on this website on 15th October 2009.
    33. Winners will be notified by email and invited to the prize giving ceremony in Genoa that will take place on November 2009.
    34. ENDAS will inform the media of the price giving. The winners could be invited to take part in press or TV conferences and could be asked to give an interview. The winners cannot claim to receive any compensation for these activities.



ENDAS shall take proper care and custody of all received works. However, ENDAS accepts no responsibility for any of these works in case they are stolen, damaged, or lost from their receipt to the final of prize awarding evening.

By submitting an application to take part in the contest and paying the entry fee, each Author irrevocably waives any future claim or action, demand, or indemnification against the Jury members, competition organizers, or ENDAS, and against any other person who may be involved in the competition, with full and final disclaimer of any liability whatsoever for the activities carried out, judgment expressed, and decisions made during the contest.

Accordingly, the Author hereby expressly guarantees that the submitted script is an unproduced and original work not infringing the rights of any third party. Therefore, the Author shall fully indemnify and hold harmless ENDAS against any claims filed by whatever third party.

As organizer of the event, ENDAS reserves the right to change the dates and content of the programme depending on circumstances.

Web Address: http://www.endasexpo.org 
Contact & E-mail: Silvio Vio Nacucci
Contact Title: Directo
Organization: ASD ENDAS
Ria Vincenzo Ricci, 3/6
Genova, 16122
Phone: 0039 105958576
Fax: 0039 105958576
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