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Austin Film Festival and Heart of Film 
Screenplay Competition
Austin Film Festival and Heart of Film
Deadline Entry Fee
June 01, 2009 $50; $30 (teleplays) (by 6/1/2009)

Award: $5000 + reimbursement of airfare and hotel

Other Awards/Prizes: 


  • Drama (screenplay)- $5000 + reimbursement + AFF Bronze Typewriter
  • Comedy (screenplay) - $5000 + reimbursement + AFF Bronze Typewriter
  • Sci-Fi (screenplay) - $2500 + reimbursement + AFF Bronze Typewriter
  • Sponsor Award (screenplay) - $2500 + reimbursement + AFF Bronze Typewriter
  • Drama (teleplay) - $1000 + reimbursement + AFF Bronze Typewriter
  • Sitcom (teleplay) - $1000 + reimbursement + AFF Bronze Typewriter
  • Finalists in all categories receive: one complimentary Producer's Badge to attend) the Austin Film Festival and Conference (value $650) and one complimentary Awards Luncheon Ticket.
  • All Semifinalists may purchase a Producer Badge at the discounted price of $150.
The Austin Film Festival (AFF) is dedicated to furthering the art, craft and business of writers and filmmakers and recognizing their contributions to film, television and new media. The AFF champions the work of aspiring and established writers and filmmakers by providing unique cultural events and services, enhancing public awareness and participation, and encouraging dynamic and long-lasting community partnerships.

The Screenplay Competition has two primary categories: Drama and Comedy. Teleplay Competition includes both Drama and Sitcom. This year, you have the opportunity to have your script considered for the Sponsor Award and Sci-Fi Award. The Sponsor Award is for character driven narrative features with a production budget less than 10 million. Sci-Fi includes fantasy, horror, science fiction, surrealism and more. To enter either Sponsor or Sci-Fi awards you must have your screenplay entered in either the Drama or Comedy Category.
Notification Date:  October 24, 2009

Eligibility: The Screenplay/Teleplay Competition is only open to writers who do not earn a living writing for television or film. Screenplays/Teleplays must not have been optioned or sold prior to October 18, 2009.
Rules: Please visit our website for all rules

*There is also an early contest deadline - May 15, 2009; the entry fee for screenplays submitted by this early deadline is $40

Web Address:
Contact & E-mail: Alex McPhail
Contact Title: Screenplay/Teleplay Competition Director
Organization: Austin Film Festival
1145 W 5th St, Ste 210
Austin, TX 78703
United States
Phone: 512.478.4795
Fax: 512.478.6205
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