The 2002 Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Contest Judges Have Announced A Winner!
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The 2002 Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Contest
Judges Have Announced A Winner!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of the 2002 Hollywood Gateway International Screenwriting Contest. Among the many terrific scripts we received, one emerged as the clear winner -- Pamela Ribon's "It Skips A Generation."

Winner of the $5,000 cash prize and a 12-month option agreement against a potential $100,000 purchase, Ribon just sold her first novel "Why Girls Are Weird" to Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. Her contributions to and her work writing
American dubs for a Japanese animation company have paid her bills up to now, though she claims that producer Brent Armitage's phone call advising her of her first place win caught her with less than five hundred dollars to her name - "Just in time!" in her own words. "I'm excited to have this
opportunity," she says, "and I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen. That's what I love about Los Angeles: one phone call can change everything."

"It Skips A Generation" is a comedic drama set in Texas, Connecticut and the road between the two. When a young woman's recently deceased mother bequeaths her a set of audiotapes, she discovers that Grandma, who was supposed to have died years ago, is still alive and well. Her mother's
last wish is for Grandma to be found and set up in an old folk's home.  Chaos ensues when the girl meets her grandmother, a character to say the least, and learns the lessons only family can teach you on the road to forgiveness and a new life.

"The exceptional quality of the entries we received confirmed our conviction that there's great writing talent waiting to be discovered," says Jesse Douma, co-founder of the Hollywood Gateway Contest and president of (r), a contest sponsor.

Pamela will also receive an intensive one-on-one coaching session designed to teach the art of pitching effectively in a professional setting, meetings with top agents and producers, a copy of Final Draft 6 and exposure to over seventy top agencies and production companies.

All six finalists will receive exposure to top agencies and producers, script evaluation and feedback services and a copy of Final Draft 6. Some finalists have already been offered representation based on their strong submission to the Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Contest.

Brian Belefant: The Lakeside Slasher
Jim Macak: Compulsive
Pamela Ribon: It Skips a Generation
Lorraine Devon Wilkes: The Last Woman on Earth
Mary V. Dunkerly: Anything but Sexy
Kai Bowe: Why Men Like Dogs

Honorable mention and congratulations go to the outstanding writers of 12 screenplays who will receive free studio coverage:

Ted Campbell: Goodbye, My Lovely
Debra Nickell: Fingernail Moon
John Morgan: Prodigy
Keturah Shepard: Inner Demons
George Williams: The Goalkeeper
David Shelton: The Power of Positive Thought
Lorraine Devon Wilke: Gina Dreams
Chris Humphrey: The Measure of a Moment
Michael Bellini: Trial by Fire
Justin Swingle: White Shadows, Black Dreams
Lillian Wang: Balancing Acts
Sebastian Corbascio: Sarah Luger 

We want to thank everyone who submitted an entry. We encourage you to take advantage of the many writing opportunities out there. Pamela Ribon, our contest winner, has been honing her craft by writing novels, biographies, poetry, journals and columns. If writing is your passion, stick with it and look for any chance you can find to exercise it!

Hollywood Gateway Screenwriting Contest
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