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Creative Screenwriting Announces Screenwriting Expo Competition Winners & Finalists

Persephone Nathan Maves 

Folly Joanna Downey 

Best Western Matt North 

Balloonland, by Marco Pimenta 
Black Diamond, by Karen Marie Howard 
Bring Back Barry, by Dan Reheuser 
Child, the Goat Lady, by Cecilia Gautschi 
Citadel, by Matthew Paul Spizuco 
Darkness Visible, by Chris Chisolm 
Deliver, by Adam Farhi and Darin Cerreto 
Desert Rain, by Kirkman Ridd 
High Incident, by Kerry Kent 
Highway Ten, by Gerry Fardoe 
Lady Be Good, by Patrice Williams
The Launch, by Edward Martin III 
The Locket, by E. Catharine Smith 
Long March, by Adam William Perin 
Mentor, by Marilee Ryan 
No Recess, by Kevin Adkins 
Probation, by Jasper Oland 
The Record, by Joseph Hines 
Robby’s Eagle, by Lee J. Sobier 
starcatcher, by Brandy Montalvo 
Street Hamlet, by V.R. Marianna Zahn 

The Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition
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