British Short Screenplay Competition
By Olivia Trolloppe
Feb 11, 2008, 18:20

The British Short Screenplay Competition regarded internationally as “the best and the most prestigious short screenplay competition in the world” is now accepting submissions for the 2008 competition.

This year the BSSC is being split into two competitions LIVE ACTION and ANIMATION. Two winning Live Action screenplays will go into production and one Animation. No other screenwriting competition in the world offers a bigger prize package to one winner let alone three!

BSSC is the only writer-led programme that puts the writer first and offers writers access to the ‘A list’ of the British film industry. All the finalists are personally read by eminent film-makers like Kenneth Branagh, Sir Alan Parker and Stephen Woolley.

No other programme in the world offers such an opportunity to writers - not in the UK not anywhere!

'I have been involved with this competition from the beginning and I'm very proud of what it is trying to achieve and I'm hugely impressed with the quality of screenplays coming in.' - Nik Powell.

'Every writer's dream is to have their screenplay produced. Our aim is to fulfil that dream' - says producer Arif Hussein.

The British Short Screenplay Competition is now receiving entries for the 2008 competition. The early deadline for entries is Friday 28 March 2008 and the final closing deadline is 28 June 2008.

The BSSC is sponsored by: Ilab, Kodak, Lee Lighting, Panavision, Pinewood-Shepperton Studios, Prime Focus and Screenplay Systems.

For rules and entry forms check website


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