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Broken Lamp Film Festival
By Broken Lamp Production Company
Jan 25, 2006, 17:00

Broken Lamp's 3rd annual Film Festival. The festival will be online and at the St. Mary's Ohio theater and grand Ole Opera house on spring street. We are now accepting movie submissions. A $10 entry fee will be necessary. You can go to the website on the festival page to download the submission contract. We are accepting all genre's, shorts and features. The festival will be held in August of 2006.

Broken Lamp is also trying to fill advertisement spots on the online web page for the festival. All movies can be accessed online in august during the same three days, held at the theater. What sets apart is that all paying customers get to vote on each movie. You be the judge.

The festival is also looking for vendor booths in the theater. only $50 bucks to sell or show your stuff. Accepting actors, grip companies, independent production companies, graphics companies, make-up artists. Make your reservations for booth spaces now. space is limited.

Website: http://
Phone: 1-513-571-2601

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