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Spirit Quest Film Festival Call for Entries
By Rev Greg
Mar 7, 2009, 13:41

The Spirit Quest Film Festival is currently seeking submissions from filmmakers from around the world with themes ranging from religion, faith and spirituality to racism, poverty and environmental concerns.

We're looking for anything that will move us, make us laugh, cry and learn something about ourselves and the world we inhabit in the process.

We hope to inspire, enlighten and challenge our audiences by showcasing films that explore the best (and sometimes the worst) of the human experience.

Films of faith, courage and success. Films celebrating our diversity, our planet and our politics. Films that take us to other lands, take us to otherwise forgotten places and educate us. If you have a film that fits any of these descriptions, we want to see it!

All genres accepted.

The best films will be shown at our three day Festival at the Erie Playhouse Theater in Erie, Pennsylvania (USA), September 4 - 6, 2009.

Winners will receive awards, all access passes to the Festival and have their film brought to the attention of several of our industry contacts.

All selected films will be listed on our websites with links, descriptions and photos.

Please check our website often for updates.

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