Mr. Killer Short Movie
By Bahadýr Karasu
Mar 28, 2009, 17:00

Mr Killer Short Movie
Synopsis : Jhamal was the killer who worked for the The Jackal association. The association used to earn money with stolen special diamonds. They stole them and after that sold them. The Jhamal was on the special mission for stealing special diamond which came from Israel. But the Association betrayed him and left him alone! Jhamal was set up! But the Association didnt manage to get the diamond! Somebody got there and saved the jhamal but Jhamal lost his left hand! Two years after this event Jhamal returned to get his revenge.

He doesnt work for the association anymore he works for himself!


Directed by : Bahadýr Karasu
Musics by : Lukasz Polkowski
Visual Effects Supervisor : Naveen Bheesetty - Mike Clampton
Edited By : Joany Wood

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