Movie Review: 'Good Night' (2008)
By Dominique Lee Smith
Mar 4, 2009, 12:20


A retired loner who has a disorderly lifestyle decides to mend his ways and bring some discipline in his life. But some things are just not meant to be as he realizes that sometimes the most trivial of the things can turn out to be the most significant.


The first thing that strikes you about 'Good Night' is that it's an honest film. The film is high on the emotional quotient and for most part of it is compelling enough to make you believe in the plausibility of the plot. The central character of Madan Mohan Khullar is a strong author-backed one and Vinod Nagpal is fairly competent in his performance. The characterization of Ratan is a little over-the-top but the constant banter between Madan and Ratan (Shivam Pradhan) is amusing nonetheless. The film does seem slow in the beginning but once one settles with the rhythm of the narrative, it's quite a pleasant watch.

Geetika Narang, the director, skillfully handles the funny as well as the sensitive moments. Narang's flair for storytelling is also apparent in the manner in which all the loose ends are tied together towards the last segment of the film. Technically, all the departments are in top form. Almost the entire film is indoor and is brilliantly lit by cinematographer Yasir Abbasi. The sound design is also pretty neat. The background music (Ashhar Farooqui) varies between good and ordinary. The editing (Mukesh Saini and Manoj Shrivastava) is first-rate and the idea of using long takes as opposed to quick cuts really works.

'Good Night' is definitely worth a watch for its charming story more than anything else. Its convincing depiction of credible situations and realistic emotions makes it a fairly enjoyable watch.

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