Christian Pichler directs THE LEGACY
By Christian Pichler
Jul 11, 2006, 19:07

Christian Pichler, screenwriter and director of HAUNTED and BEYOND THE HORIZON, prepares his next motion picture THE LEGACY in Europe. The film will be shot in 2008. After having this project sold several times over the years, Christian Pichler finally announced the filming of THE LEGACY in 2008, all across Europe.

What if there's no tomorrow? Everything we believe in disappears, the impossible becomes possible... And what if only one man can change it all? One man that doesn't know who he is? A man that appears like everyone else, a man that will lead this world and all we know to its legacy...

A thrilling adventure about the legacy of mankind, reality and prophecies cross their paths. Our inner human fear will be tested in this spectacular vision of revelation.


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