A Revolutionary Opportunity: One-of-a-Kind Deep Ocean Expeditions Company Collaborates With James Cameron to Redefine the Boundaries of Corporate Sponsorship
By Deep Ocean One
Mar 10, 2005, 15:50

Exclusive Event at Cameron's Digital Recording Studio on March 24th Will Launch a 21st Century Deep Sea Initiative

Los Angeles, CA -- On March 24, 2005 corporate visionaries with a passion for innovation will be introduced to sponsorship opportunities never before available. The event, dubbed "Mission Control" is presented as a chance for corporate America to reconsider the meaning of creative sponsorship and have their message hold historic significance for mankind through ocean exploration.

To launch this one-of-a-kind opportunity, Academy Award winner James Cameron and Deep Ocean One CEO Aussie Mike McDowell are hosting a private screening of Cameron's newest documentary release Aliens of the Deep at the director's private Santa Monica digital screening studio to launch a campaign of science, education, adventure and exploration focused on what they refer to as "Innerspace."

Offering exclusive corporate sponsorship opportunities via a partnership with Deep Ocean One, only a select few will be taken aboard. Invited to dive on this journey are companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Verizon, FedEx/Kinkos, Morgan Stanley, Coca Cola, Ford, Pfizer, Hummer, Google, Quaker Oats, Dell Time/Warner, Allstate, and Yahoo! to name a few.

Scientists estimate that the world's deep oceans house anywhere from one to ten million undiscovered species in a multiplicity of deep ocean habitats. McDowell's deep-water exploration company -- Deep Ocean Expeditions -- working in close collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences and their deep diving Mir submersibles were the first to take eco-tourists to the deck of the Titanic. Later, the Mir submersibles and McDowell's two Deep Rover submersibles were used to explore the exotic and mysterious hydrothermal vents resulting in James Cameron's spectacular recently released 3D Imax documentary, Aliens of the Deep. The discovery of new species has been a continuing and integral part of these expeditions.

Deep Ocean One believes that a combination of scientists, scholars and underwater pioneers such as James Cameron, along with visionary corporate leaders, can energize and play a significant role in driving exploration, discovery and science in the world's oceans.

Deep Ocean One is offering corporations an extraordinary opportunity to leave a legacy of environmental import, scientific advancement and educational value -- to leave an imprint on the history of exploration.

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