Silicon Imaging Announces World's First Digital Cinema Camera with Direct-to-Disk 10-bit CineForm RAW™ Recording and Adobe® Production Studio Integration
By Steve Nordhauser, Silicon Imaging, Inc.
Jun 26, 2006, 10:49

Albany, NY -- Silicon Imaging, Inc. has unveiled the revolutionary SI-1920HDVR portable IT-integrated 10-bit digital cinema camera with direct-to-disk recording and Adobe Production Studio integration. The Silicon Imaging SI-1920HDVR is a 2/3” 1920x1080P camera recording to a new version of CineForm’s Visually Perfect™ wavelet codec called CineForm RAW™, in a dual-core embedded PC architecture under Microsoft Windows® XP. It delivers unprecedented image quality, 10 f-stop dynamic range, a 7” LCD touchscreen interface, gigabit connectivity, battery-powered operation, and up to 4-hours of continuous shooting on its USB2.0 hot-swap 160GB notebook hard drive.

“We designed the SI-1920HDVR digital cinema camera with the needs of the independent filmmaker in mind,” said Ari Presler, CEO of Silicon Imaging, Inc. “It encompasses a new paradigm in camera acquisition and recording technology. Now, expose and shoot impressive cinema-quality footage at 1080P in CineForm RAW™ format. Then, immediately produce dailies, create special effects, and edit full-resolution HD content using Adobe Production Studio; all without the need for a time-consuming ingest process.”

“We’re excited to have worked with Silicon Imaging on this impressive new camera,” said David Taylor, CEO of CineForm, Inc. “By extending our CineForm Intermediate codec to work in RAW mode, we assisted the SI-1920HDVR to achieve visual quality and features at an affordable price point that is a breakthrough for digital cinematography. Prior to our collaboration on this project, comparable features and image quality always required proprietary recording decks tethered to the camera, resulting in prohibitive costs for independent projects, even on a rental basis.

The SI-1920HDVR’s 16:9 format 2/3” CMOS sensor enables use of wide aperture optics to achieve a 35mm-like Depth-of-Field, without the need for ground-glass converters. Its interchangeable optical assembly supports the use of 16mm PL, F and C-mount lenses. Integrated support for 15mm lightweight rods and 19mm bridge-plates make it ideal for cinema-style gear and accessories. The camera head is detachable and can be remotely accessed using gigabit Ethernet. Two camera heads can be mounted side-by-side for shooting 3-D sequences.

The 7” widescreen LCD doubles as a viewfinder and touchscreen graphical user interface. On-screen menus and hot-spot zones provide intuitive camera, recorder and playback controls. These include a false-color exposure meter, 2x digital zoom for fine focus, safe-zone markers, compression quality, and SMPTE timecode. In addition to traditional 1080/24/25/30p frame-rates, special effects and off-speed shooting capabilities include overcranking up to 72fps at 720P, undercranking, long exposure and time-lapse modes.

The SI-1920HDVR abandons fixed bitrate codecs, such as DVCPRO HD and HDCAM. Instead, camera sensor data is recorded directly into CineForm RAWÔ format, preserving the original pixel data. This gives cinematographers the flexibility to develop the “digital negative” in post rather than make non-reversible decisions on-set.

File-sharing tools in Windows XP creates new possibilities for collaboration and production. While shooting, begin editing and compositing with Adobe’s Production Studio and CineForm’s Prospect-HD over LAN. Or, remove the hard drive magazine and edit content directly from disc. Play 10-bit CineForm AVI footage in Windows Media™ Player, add metadata with Adobe Bridge™, edit in Adobe® Premiere® Pro™ or composite in Adobe After Effects®.

“We have extended our Prospect HD™ editing software to support real-time editing of Silicon Imaging’s high-dynamic range CineForm RAWÔ files alongside YUV files on the same timeline”, states David Newman, CineForm CTO. “Using CineForm RAWÔ ensures multi-generation quality using an online workflow offering unmatched HD video quality and performance, while eliminating the need for proxy files, conforming, and rendering.”

“Adobe is excited by the capabilities the Silicon Imaging SI-1920HDVR digital cinema camera brings to independent film makers,” said Simon Hayhurst, director of product management, Video products for Adobe. "Combined with CineForm RAW™ files and Adobe Production Studio this efficient workflow with real-time HD editing in Premiere Pro will give our users the creative control and productivity they demand."

Edit up to four 1080/24p streams in real time without expensive RAID arrays. Then select from a variety of advanced demosaic algorithms to process the RAW data for output to film, tape, HD-DVD, or Windows Media® High Definition video format for digital cinema distribution and Internet streaming.

"After shooting three scenes for our visual effects intensive movie 'Spoon' with Rutger Hauer on 35mm and comparing the results to the SI-1920HDVR, we were completely amazed," states Simon Hansen, Director Atomic VFX. "The SI-1920HDVR displayed the widest latitude of any digital camera in its class. The small, high quality files and Adobe integration make file management and editing a breeze; incomparable to any other workflow we've found."

Silicon Imaging will be demonstrating the SI-1920HDVR during NAB2006 in the Adobe booth, #SL3732.

Price & Availability
The SI-1920HDVR is priced below $20k and will be available for delivery in Q3 2006.

About Silicon Imaging
Silicon Imaging, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-definition digital cameras and recording systems. Silicon Imaging’s products incorporate disruptive technologies including CMOS imagers, video processing algorithms, wavelet compression and gigabit connectivity to deliver a new generation of high definition products outperforming traditional HD cameras while increasing flexibility and lowering cost.


About CineForm
CineForm, Inc., located in Carlsbad, California, develops software products for use by media professionals in high-resolution acquisition and post-production applications. Powered by CineForm Intermediate, CineForm's acclaimed products provide unmatched visual quality and real-time performance – without the need for specialized hardware – while enabling an online digital intermediate workflow that runs on affordable Windows desktop PCs.


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