Movie Credits Finally Gets a Software Solution That It Deserves
By Adam E Ornstein
Mar 12, 2009, 21:47

March 12, 2009 Hoboken, NJ -- ElectricHappiness announced today that VideoTagger™ 2.0, a revolutionary enterprise software application for creating movie titles, has been released for Windows and Macintosh computers; available in both premium and free editions at VideoTagger™ 2.0 is the Enterprise software solution that enables all people to create stunning beginning and end titles for movies and films. This groundbreaking and easy-to-use product is ideal for any filmmaker, from seasoned directors and professional video editors to casual movie creators, and YouTubers.

Directors are hailing VideoTagger™ as a fantastic necessary addition to the filmmakers digital tool set. People are talking, here is what they have shared with us:

"VideoTagger™ is Literally Lightning Years Better Than Any Other Software that I Have Used to Make Movie Credits."

"VideoTagger™ has Simplified the Entire Process (of creating movie credits). It's a Great Movie Making Tool and a Must Have for Video Producers!"

"(VideoTagger™) should be a required addition for anyone using Final Cut Pro, Or Any Other Video Editor For That Matter"

"Movie Editors Simply Weren't Designed For Making Titles, Thank You for VideoTagger™ It Really Made Finishing Off My Movie a Lot Easier"

VideoTagger™ 2.0 has been enhanced to:

Show immediate on-screen modification updates including text, font, and graphic changes
Alter image sizes in each section - allowing graphics to be enlarged or reduced in size
Users can now use various themes to set to look and feel of VideoTagger™ 2.0 to their preference
Blazing fast movie creation process
Quicktime is no longer required on the users system

In addition, VideoTagger™ 2.0 still contains the features that originally made it great such as:

An on-screen preview that updates as modifications are made
Ability to create numerous sections of movie credits
Selecting whether each movie credits section will scroll, or appear as a slide
Applying an appropriate look and feel from a variety of on-screen layout options
Choosing type of information to display: Graphics, Characters roles and names, Contributor names only or Songs
Customizing the fonts and font size for each displayable text item
Selecting whether or not to include a customized image in the section
Enter text that will appear on-screen in a familiar table format

The free version of VideoTagger™ 2.0 is an excellent way to be introduced to the product, allowing users to see the full power of the product before upgrading to the premium version. The free version is also available at

Electric Happiness was founded with the goal of providing the first full-featured software product for creating professional movie credits that could be used by anyone from directors and video editors, to the casual movie creator. The premium and free editiona of VideoTagger™ 2.0 is available for PC and Macintosh Computers from The latest version of VideoTagger™ was released on March 12nd, 2009.

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