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 Oliver Stone: A man with a Mission 
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone devoted so much of his time writing his novel that his grades suffered and he eventually dropped out... After failing to interest a publisher, he threw half of the manuscript into the East River
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 Interview with American Intellectuals Producer Kennneth Schwenker 
Kennneth Schwenker
Very successful at spotting young talent, Ken has introduced such notables as Uma Thurman (Kiss Daddy Goodnight), Portia de Rossi (American Intellectuals), and most recently Theo Pagones, (Boys 
from Madrid). Read More
 Stanley Kubrick: The artist and mastermind 
Stanley Kubrick
Throughout his years in grammar school and up through high school Stanley Kubrick was absent quite a bit, and in the spring of 1945 Kubrick was reported to the attendance bureau for absenteeism...
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 Steven Spielberg: living his dreams 
Steven Spielberg
After being denied entrance into traditional film schools, Spielberg sought an alternative path to achieve his greatness. He entered California State University in Long Beach to study English.
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 Lucas, George Walton (JR.): and his empire 
George Lucas
He spent his childhood fascinated with comic books, especially “Buck Rogers” and “Flash Gordon.”  Car racing was the only excitement that Lucas was allowed.
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 David Alan Mamet: he has his own unique style 
David Mamet
Mamet’s dialogue is so unique that it has become known as “Mametspeak.”  His language is not so much “naturalistic,” as it is a “poetic” impression of streetwise jargon...
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 Brian De Palma: he has done it all 
Brian De Palma
During his summer vacations he worked part-time in the hospital laboratory, and often watched colleagues of his father operate on other body parts, including brain and eye surgeries....
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  Woody Allen, the genius and the artist 
Woody Allen
His first memories of film were when his parents would take him to the movies around the age of five. He lived in walking distance of 25 or so movie theaters.
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 James Cameron: innovator is his middle name 
James Cameron
"I couldn't see myself as a future film director. In fact, there was a definite feeling on my part that those people were somehow born into it, almost like a caste system. Little kids from a small town in Canada didn't get to direct movies."
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 Julia Roberts: door to her soul is her million dollar smile 
Julia Roberts
As a child Julia Roberts dreamed of being a veterinarian... After graduating high school, Roberts decided to go to New York where she signed with Click modeling agency while enrolling in acting classes.
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 Winners Announced For Student Academy Awards(R) 

Beverly Hills, CA - Eleven film students from eight U.S. universities were honored yesterday (June 9) as winners in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 29th Annual Student Academy Awards competition. 
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