Panasonic AG-DVC200 Panasonic AG-DVC200 1/2" 3-CCD DV PROLINE Camcorder w/Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate Color Bar Generator 

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Microphone, Shoulder Strap, Anton Bauer Gold Mount
The PANASONIC AG-DVC200 is the world's first camcorder that is designed to use the large DV casettes which allows you to record 180 minutes of broadcast quality recording on a single tape. Large DVD casettes allow up to 180 minutes of broadcast quality recording on a single tape. The AG-DVC200 uses three 1/2" IT CCD's providing a superior picture quality. Using the IEEE-1394I/O connection gives this camcorder the ability to transfer Digital BroadcastQuality video and audio signals directly into either an NLE system or a homecomputer equipped with a IEEE-1394.

The DV format uses 8-bit component digital recording at 25 Mbps, with Intra-frame 5:1 compression and 4:1:1 color sampling. A 10 micron track pitch provides superior picture quality, superb multi-generation capability and production flexibility. Two 1/4" ME cassette sizes are available: Standard and Mini. The Standard size cassette will hold up to 124 minutes of information while the Mini cassette will hold up to 60 minutes of information.

Up to 123 minutes of continuous recording time can be abtained with a Panasonic AY-DV123EB cassette, or 180 minutes with a Sony DV-180MEM cassette.

Three 1/2" IT (Interline Transfer) CCD's with 410,000 pixels, are incorporated into the camera's head. The CCD's along with the camcorders digital signal processing, allow the AG-DVC200 to shoot F11@2000 lux, with very low smear. An outstanding 800 Lines of horizontal resolution is processed in the camera head.

An IEEE-1394 (Firewire) 4-pin connection allows Digital Video and Audio signal transfer between the camcorder and an other IEEE-1394 equiped device; such as a NLE system. Digital information can be transferred between devices without loss.

The AG-DVC200 camera head inherits the same broadcast specifications as Panasonics DVCPRO broadcast format cameras.

Synchro Scan function allows flicker-free shooting of computer monitors. Computer monitors have different scan rates which would normally appear as flicker. Synchro Scan enables electronic shutter speeds to be variably set to match the computer monitors frequency in increments from 1/61.9 to 1/253.7 of a second.

Color Playback in the field is possible without the need of a combersome playback adaptor. An analog Composite or Y/C output can be connected directly to a color field monitor to display a color playback image directly from the camcorder.
1/2" 410,000 Pixels IT 3-CCD
ND/CC Filter with 4 positions ATW
Auto Trace White Balance
Shockless AWB Quick Focus (Auto)
Full Auto Setting Electonic Luminance Control
Iris Control
Jog Menu Control
User Scene Memory (Four Types)
6-Step Shutter (with Synchro Scan)
Color Phase Control
Black Strech Back Light Compensation
Auto Knee 2D Filter Skin Detail Correction Coring Super Color
+36dB Gain Shockless Gain

Audio/Video 2-Channel, 16-bit, 48 kHz/12-bit 32 kHz /Component Digital, 800 Lines of horizontal resolution
Television System NTSC
Tape Format/Speed Large DV /SP - 18.812 mm/sec.
Image Sensor 3x 1/2" IT (Interline Transfer) CCD's with 410,000 pixels
Lens 1/2" Bayonet Mount
Viewfinder 1.5" Monochrome viewfinder
Input terminals Mic In XLR x 2
Headphones Stereo 3.5 mm x 1
Output terminals IEEE 1394 4-pin x 1
Video Out BNC x 1, 1.0 V p-p, 75 ohm
S-Video Out 4-pin x 1, Y:1.0 V p-p, C: 0.3 V p-p
Audio Out RCA x 2 (L\R)
Headphones Stereo 3.5 mm x 1
Microphone XLR x 2
Headphone Jack Stereo 3.5 mm x 1
Power Requirements 12 VDC (10.5 to 17 V)
Power Consumption 18 Watts
Weight 11 lbs.
Special Features Optical Filters ND/CC combination, 4 position
Sensitivity F11 at 2000 lux
Minimum Luminance 0.5 lux
Gain Max +36 dB
Horizontal Resolution 800 lines
S/N Ratio 62 dB
Viewfinder 1.5" Monochrome