The soulful and hard-hitting new retro release by Stevie Hawkins, "High Time"
By Charlotte Hannon
Jun 30, 2006, 08:35

The new release by Stevie Hawkins, "High Time" is a cross-genre mix of raw retro Rock, Soul, Blues, R&B with a hint of Latin and Jazz.

The journey began as Hawkins' spontaneous desire to record an acoustic blues record with guitarist Drew Stawin that took a 180 degree spin. From the onset of the sessions, the songs gave birth to a life of their own. The lyric content came effortlessly, the music and melodies happened in the same manner. Most of the songs were individually written and recorded (first takes) in entirety over a one or two day period. The recording process was also kept simple in an effort to achieve a more authentic or raw
sound with very little processing utilized.

The result is a project delivered from the heart allowing true human emotional elements and/or feels to be captured and retained throughout the track list. Songs that relate to life and times, love and relationships, dancing and simply having fun. The "musicians having fun" aspect is apparent in several of the tracks as in "Crack Me A Cold One". A true story written about and dedicated to a fraternity at the University of Georgia. Stevie performed at the fraternity house while on the 2005 tour of colleges with the Dean Dollar Band.

Via Hawkins vocal and drum stylings reminiscent of his days playing with Stax artists Rufus Thomas and Albert King, the soulful guitar work of Drew Stawin and Johnny "Guitar" Brown, expressive tenor sax of Wally Tarado, the pocket bass of Terrell "Cool" Robinson and other supporting musicians, High Time takes us on a soulful and rocking journey through the sounds, moods, grooves and good time music of the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s. From Philly to Chicago, Memphis to Muscle Shoals, Mississippi to L.A., "High Time" visits them all.

In stores July 15, 2006. Available for licensing.

For more info and a preview of song samples from the new release "High Time", please visit the Atlanta Music Group


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