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14-15-16TH OF MAI 2004 AT THE

Working for peace and nature with Art and Cinema

Social change, wars, important decision that determine the courses of our lives, and of all other beings in the world are often related to the “cultural climate” at a given period in time. We can change reality through our actions and by constantly seeking and issuing information. This is the common goal of all of those who wish to build a better world in which there are no wars, in which civil and human rights are respected, and in which nature is loved and preserved.

We called the movement “Enzymes of peace” because we are convinced that each day, at every moment, “cultural enzymes” are brought into the world by those who have realised how urgent it is to change directions, and help develop a culture of peace and conviviality. This happens all over the world, in all social groups, with no distinction of race, sex or age. It is the movement of those who believe in life and its values and wish to plan and grow the tree of peace, the thousand-coloured tree. Through art and cinema we can create works of art that spread our cultural enzymes of peace.

How the international section developed

(for the Italian section see information at

The 7th edition of the “tree of colours” contest is international and is open to adults, teen-agers, and school children of all origins.

There are two sections: (one can take part in both if one wants to)

Works of Art: Nature and Peace

Drawings, illustrated books, sculptures, photos, etc…
We are open to all artistic techniques.
Each Work of Art (max. 50 by 70 cm) must be correctly labelled:
One label to be stuck on the back of the work of art must contain the following information:
Name. Surname. Or School and class
Address phone number. E-mail Teacher and class Title of Work of Art
The other label, to be stuck on the front must contain:
Title and School or name oh person who produced the work and class
Each class or participant may send max. Two works.

Cinema: Short films about peace or nature

They can be shot in any format, but must be sent either in VHS or in DVD.
The soundtrack or possible multimedia additions do not have to be original. The adult competitors or the teacher must sign a specific form that frees the organization from obligation to pay royalties on the soundtrack.

Each participant or class may send more than one short film.
Each film must be correctly labelled:
One label must contain the following information:
Name. Surname. Or School and class
Address phone number. E-mail Teacher and class Title of Work of Art

All works of art and films must arrive before 2pm on the 20th of April 2004. They are to be sent to:

L’Isola di Peter Pan
Via Ternana, 10
02034 Montopoli di Sabina (RI)

Schools or individual participants can enrol now, by sending a fax to the No: 0039 06 23 31 11 46
Or by sending an E-mail to:
Or by filling out the form issued on our site:

Enrolment for the international section is free of charge, and implies having read and accepted the competition rules.

The works of art will remain the property of the Association for social promotion “L’Isola di Peter Pan”, that will be entitled to use and reproduce them.

The videos in the original version must be subtitled either in French, in English or in Spanish. Subtitles in Italian would be appreciated.

CINEMARTFESTIVAL on Peace and Nature

The exhibition will be held on the 14-15-16th of Mai at the Abbazia di Farfa, thanks to the kind invitation of the Priore of the Abbey, Don Agostino Ranzato.

During these three days, the works of art will be exposed, and the films admitted for finals will be shown.

Prizes will be handed out on Sunday 16th of May.

The films that win will be shown again at the Abbazia di Farfa during the month of August 2004, at the “enzymes of peace”festival.

Segreteria Concorso L’albero dei colori
Associazione l’Isola di Peter Pan
Via Ternana, 10
02034 Montopoli di Sabina (RI)


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