Funding Opportunity - Moving Image Fund - LEF New England
By Kathryn Ostermier, LEF New England
Dec 6, 2006, 09:47


LEF New England established the Moving Image Fund in 2002 to provide dedicated support to independent film and video artists living and working in the six New England states. The grantmaking is targeted toward the production of work, with the larger goal of strengthening the voices of media artists and improving the overall environment for the production, exhibition, and distribution of their work. Grants are offered in two categories: Pre-production, with a maximum $5,000 grant, and Production, with a maximum $25,000 grant.

Please note:Students are not eligible to apply. All applicants must have a fiscal sponsor in order to apply.

Artists interested in applying for project support must first submit a letter of inquiry. Applicants are encouraged to contact the LEF New England office to determine level of interest prior to submitting a letter of intent.

Letters of Inquiry are due at the LEF Office by Friday, 19 January, 2007. Please visit our website for further information and application procedures.

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