The Starving Artist: An Endangered Species?
By marketing4artists LLC
Feb 10, 2004, 15:33

LOS GATOS, California -- marketing4artists LLC, a California-based company specializing in training artists to market their art, announces its spring program, an innovative marketing seminar for the artist community.

Last fall, marketing4artists LLC conducted several market studies and identified that more than one-third of the surveyed artists believe their art is ready but feel that they are not adequately prepared to market it.

The 8-week long comprehensive spring program combines lectures and hands-on exercises to offer San Francisco Bay Area visual artists an extensive training in the marketing of their artistic creations. It starts on April 8, 2004 in Sunnyvale, CA, and May 3, 2004 in Burlingame, CA. The program will guide work teams of artists towards developing their unique and compelling story, organizing their art and their business plan to get results.

The program covers the following topics:

-- Focus your creativity to promoting your art
-- Tell your unique story and stand out
-- Discover and open the many venues for your art
-- Price right, negotiate smart and sell strong
-- Enrich your relationships into a network
-- Give life to your goals, plans and actions

According to JD Savelli, co-founder and instructor, "The program is designed to achieve optimal marketing results for the individual artist and his or her unique creation. Through this 8-week transformational experience, we create a lifetime network which ultimately gets the artist seen and sold." Marco Zecchin, co-founder and instructor adds: "The creative artist doesn't need to struggle acquiring the information and skills to effectively promote their art. We bring the resources and techniques together for them so they can get back to making art."

Class size is limited and registration closes one week prior to the spring program's start.

About marketing4artists LLC:

marketing4Artists LLC was created to train artists in the marketing of their art. Their customers are creative, intelligent and open-minded artists who recognize the value of practical services that empower them to market their creations. The founders and instructors, Marco Zecchin and JD Savelli, together bring more than 40 years of experience in the area of marketing and fine arts.

Company: marketing4artists LLC
Contact: JD Savelli - Co-Founder
Phone: (408) 656-6520

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