Free Sneak Preview of '35th Street Mission - Psycho Killer'
By IndieTV
Jun 1, 2006, 17:48

June 2 - 5th 2006
Free Sneak Preview of
'35th Street Mission - Psycho Killer'
Seattle’s first sitcom
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35th Street Mission, the popular Seattle indieTV series that takes viewers inside a neighborhood coffee shop, is now available for free download via the official 35th Street Mission website.

For a limited time, everyone can download 'sneak preview' of Episode 2.02 “Psycho Killer” at no cost, by registering to be a free member at website. Any guest to the indieTV website can view the episode trailer without registration.

“35th Street Mission - Psycho Killer” stars: Kimberly Lynn Layfield, Kaywood Hopkins, Wayne Bastrup, James Parrish, Karin Carlson, Brittany Quist and Dolores Rogers.

Series Synopsis: 35th Street Mission is about a group of friends trying to run a Seattle Coffee house, KEYWORD: "trying". Not knowing a thing about running a coffee house, these friends never know which way is up left or sideways. A couple of them might be retarded. Or just "high" maintenance. Deep down inside they really do love and care for each other, really, deep deep down inside... somewhere.

“35th Street Mission continues to endure exciting changes,” says Kaywood Hopkins, creator and Executive Producer. Hopkins goes on to say, “Feedback has been positive and the series thrives off what everyone brings. Our creative volunteers range in all areas of experience.” What results is a clever, insightful take on the lives of today”s generation.

“35th Street Mission” is an indieTV sitcom that delves into the lives of people that own and frequent a local Seattle coffee shop. The series immerses the viewer into fascinating, diverse, and entertaining situations faced by its characters. 0816 Productions is an independent production studio comprised of creative volunteers interested in the art of film-making. Today”s youths find themselves in situations not mentioned in generations past. Our artistic vision explores where today”s television leaves off, for fear of censorship. We are dedicated to examining a topic, however hard, in a way that our audience can relate. Each episode of “35th Street Mission” is an artistic progression from the previous one, where the changes reflect the dynamic nature of our cast and crew. “35th Street Mission” is part of the Internet network.

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