First US sneak for controversial, fact-based Chicago/Australia co-pro. Featuring John Heard
By Under The City
Apr 17, 2006, 07:26

Saturday May 6, 2006- 9:45pm
The Fine Arts Theatre In Beverly Hills
8556 Wilshire Blvd (at La Cienega), Beverly Hills, CA 90211
310.360.0455 –
Free admit to SAG/WGA/DGA and Academy members (I.D. req’d).

UNDER THE CITY 107 minutes (NR- Violence, Language, Nudity)

Written by a former Chicago attorney and based on actual events, Under The City represents more than two years of independent research into the real world of police corruption, prostitution and white slavery. Much of the dialogue is verbatim from interviews conducted within the hotel and hospitality business. This debut from first-time writer/director Adam Golomb was shot on the freezing cold streets of Chicago for $60,000 and stars John Heard (The Pelican Brief, Home Alone, Awakenings), Mike Starr (Ed Wood, Goodfellas, Dumb and Dumber), Richard Portnow (The Sopranos, Find Me Guilty, Good morning Vietnam), and Australian newcomer Dean Rabaiov.

Under The City follows the attempted redemption of Nate Mayott, a semi-reformed ex-con with a dark past trying to rebuild his family and maintain his freedom who is thrust into the violent underworld of the Chicago sex trade- where anything can be bought or sold if the price is right and the demand is there. Which it is. Piece by piece, Nate sells his soul for freedom until he is finally backed into an impossible corner and must kidnap an innocent little girl in order to save his own.

Under The City’s central focus is love, self-realization and the frightening prospect that the vulnerability needed to fall in love can be more terrifying than facing a loaded gun, and how the desire to have a “normal life”, for some, is pure fantasy.

Recent Australian Press:

“A minor miracle of independent cinema, it is an utterly respectable piece in the 1970’s film school tradition (of) Scorsese, Lumet (and) Coppola…” – Simone Ubaldi, Beat Magazine Australia.

"A riveting modern-day noir pricked with fascinating details. This is moviemaking on a shoestring that takes its time, and wins the small battles, before sucking you in completely with it's dystopic vision." - Julian Shaw, FILMINK Magazine Australia.

"A tough, macho, kick-down-the-door arrival for Director Adam Golomb and lead Dean Rabaiov. It punches above its weight (and) the determination is there on the screen; it's taut, muscular, and for Dean, who's in almost every scene of the film, it really is an impressive and physically imposing performance." – James Hewison, The Age – Australia.

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