The Crystal Vision Awards -- CALL FOR ENTRIES!
By Crystal Vision Awards
Mar 21, 2005, 02:52

Honoring the Best in Communication

Each year The Crystal Vision Awards gives thousands of creative artists from around the world, the opportunity to receive recognition for their productions from a jury of industry peers. The members of the CVA judging panel are selected from a vast cross section of broadcasting, film and video disciplines and possess proven creative ability and diverse experience. It is our mission to honor only those entries that excel in artistic, technical and communicatory skills.

Being recognized in the Crystal Vision Awards acknowledges that your creative and technical abilities have matched or exceeded the highest standards for excellence as mandated by our executive committee. By entering, you are also measuring your work against the best in the industry and giving yourself the opportunity to receive international recognition.


Judging is based on a point system. The judges are reviewing nine criteria including, creativity, originality, directing, technical excellence, and copywriting. Judges are also looking for how well all aspects of your entry work in concert to deliver a clear, informative and entertaining message to the audience.
The winner of each category is automatically entered into the best of show competition for the opportunity to achieve the Crystal Vision Awards highest honor, "The Crystal Diamond Award." Judges are under no obligation to pronounce a winner or runner-up for any category. All decisions are final.


Eligibility for the Crystal Vision Awards is for any local, regional, national television or radio production, independent films, non-broadcast films or video programs, and any student production. The awards competition is open to work produced since January 1st , 2004. Please review the list of categories to find the best description of your entry. If you are not able to fine a category that describes your entry, please contact us with your questions.

Deadline for entries is May 1, 2005.


Each entrant will receive a notification via email from the Crystal Vision Awards confirming the receipt of their entry (it is important to include your correct email address on the entry forms). Once judging is complete, Gold and Silver winners will be notified to inform them of their selection. Entrants whose work is not chosen will also be notified at this time.


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