0816 Productions Hosting Open Casting-Call in Seattle, WA
By Kaywood Hopkins
Mar 3, 2005, 12:52

35th Street Mission ( is a television dramedy that examines how everyday people in a local neighborhood coffee shop react and handle hard hitting situations—without pulling any punches.

0816 Productions is an independent production studio comprised of creative volunteers, interested in the art of filmmaking. Today’s youths are faced with situations unheard or unspoken of in previous generations. Our artistic vision picks up where today’s television leaves of for fear of censorship. We are committed to exploring a topic however hard in a manner that resonates with our audience. Each episode of 35th Street Mission ( is an artist evolution from the previous one, where the changes made are a reflection of the dynamic nature of our cast and crew.

35th Street Mission ( . Taking back TV, one set at a time.

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