Media Darlings Announces Grant Competition for Guerilla Filmmakers
By Ryan Kittleman
Feb 15, 2005, 15:57

Santa Clara, CA -- Media Darlings Literature, Art and Sound ( today announced a call for entries for their 2005 Guerilla Filmmaking Grant. The Guerilla Filmmaking Grant provides $1,000 prizes for the production of independent feature films followed by a DVD release.

Media Darlings Guerilla Filmmaking Grant is the first of its kind to recognize this emerging field of independent filmmakers who use any means necessary to make their underground masterpieces. Numerous guerilla films have made their way into international film festivals in recent years and continue to enjoy a large audience on the Internet. Guerilla film devotees believe that it is the purest form of filmmaking.

"With this grant we want to provide guerilla filmmakers with an outlet where they can be in charge of every aspect of their film's production and distribution, and hopefully adapt their unique brand of resourcefulness to help them find a way to live off their work without compromising their creative vision," said Ryan Kittleman, President of Media Darlings. "The goal is to empower a new class of filmmakers who are independent because they want to be, not because they have to be."

In addition to a $1,000.00 prize, grant recipients will come away with a completed feature film with no debt and no strings attached. Most importantly, grant recipients retain all rights to the work produced.

Applications for the Guerilla Filmmaking Grant are being accepted through April 30, 2005. Application instructions are available on the Media Darlings website. Interested directors, screenwriters, producers, and production companies looking to make an English-language feature film are encouraged to apply.

Media Darlings Literature, Art & Sound is an arts foundation dedicated to supporting the work of independent artists. In addition to the Guerilla Filmmaking Grant, Media Darlings also sponsors the Norumbega Fiction Awards for unpublished and self-published writers and the Experi-mercial Digital Music Grant for unsigned musicians. The company is based in Santa Clara, California.

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