OneWorld/Staying Alive World AIDS Day 2004 Competition
By One World TV
Sep 4, 2004, 13:55

“One World and MTV Staying Alive are pleased to launch their 2004 Radio and TV competition about HIV/AIDS. All those 15 ­ 34 year olds with the creative urge and a message to get across should apply. The competition runs from 7th September to ­11th November 2004.

We are looking for individuals or groups to create a 30 ­ 60 second audio or video Public Service Announcement (PSA) ­ an advert that’s not selling a product but getting a message across instead. This year the theme is Women, Girls and HIV/AIDS.

Women and girls now account for nearly 50% of all new HIV infections worldwide, particularly in the developing world.

The winners will be announced on World AIDS Day on 1st Dec. 2004. Full details about what you have to do and what you will win are contained on One World’s and Staying Alive’s websites:

For information on the video competition

For information on the radio competition

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