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South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference & Festival Announces Festival
By South by Southwest (SXSW)
Mar 17, 2006, 17:31

Austin, TX -- SXSW is pleased to announce the winners of the 2006 edition of the SXSW Film Festival.

Jury Awards:

- Reel Shorts
Runner Up- - "Shortstop" directed by Risa Machuca & Fanny Veliz.
Winner - "Hiro" directed by Matthew Swanson.

- Animated Shorts
Runner Up- - "Tall Tales & Other Big Lies" directed by Dano Johnson.
Winner - "The Wraith of Cobble Hill" directed by Adam Parrish King.

- Experimental Shorts
Runner Up- "Stadtplan" directed by Reynold Reynolds.
Winner - **TIE**"Sea Change" directed by Joe King & Rosie Pedlow
"Marion" directed by Ry Russo-Young.

- Music Videos
Runner Up- The Sad Little Stars 'Don't Fuck With Love' directed by Rachel
McIntosh & Jim Starace.
Winner - Ralfe Band "Women Of Japan" directed by Nigel Coan & Ivana Zorn.

- Texas High School Competition
Runner Up- "Weathered" directed by Elizabeth Mims.
Winner - "Maikafer" directed by Chris Hergert.

- Documentary Feature
Special Jury Award - "Maxed Out" directed by James D. Scurlock.
Winner - "Jam" Dir. Mark Woollen

- Narrative Feature
Special Jury Prize - Outstanding Ensemble Cast - "AMERICANese" directed by
Eric Byler.
Special Jury Prize - Outstanding Visual Achievement - "Inner Circle Line"
directed by Eunhee Cho. Winner - "Live Free or Die" directed by Andy Robin
& Gregg Kavet.

Audience Awards:
- 24 Beat Per Second Audience Award Winners will be announced on Sunday
March 19th

- Emerging Visions
Runner Up- "Manhattan, Kansas" directed by Tara Wray.
Winner - - "High Score" directed by Jeremy Mack.

- Lone Star States
Runner Up- - "Slam Planet: War of the Words" directed by Mike Henry & Kyle
Winner - - "State VS Reed" directed by Ryan Polomski & Frank Bustoz.

- Documentary Feature
Winner - - "Darkon" directed by Andrew Neel & Luke Meyer.

- Narrative Feature
Winner - - "AMERICANese" directed by Eric Byler.


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