Western Movie Wraps
By drydock film corporation
Oct 31, 2007, 18:51

Marshals, I.T.(Indian Territory) starring 14 year old actress Brooke Hidde goes into post production Friday.

The western was filmed on four different western sets in Virginia and North Carolina, used over a hundred cast members, and spent over three thousand rounds of ammunition during filming. Johnny McCraw who was academy award winner Lee Marvin's best friend and wrangler worked as the firearms wrangler on the project on what he called the "umpteenth million film" he has worked on in his over fifty years in the business.

The film also stars newcomer Matthew Coleman as the legendary deputy United States Marshal, Bass Reeves. Marshals is based upon a true story of Lily Birdsong, who went on a posse of Marshals after the men who killed her family in the Indian Territory in 1888. Filming began in June and continued into September of this year and makes the third full length feature film produced by the Virginia based Drydock Film Corporation in two years.

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