Cowboy Smoke Film Trailer is here!
By Will Moore
Feb 7, 2007, 10:41

The film trailer for Cowboy Smoke is now available. You can view it at Cowboy Smokeand please don't forget to rate it. We appreciate any feedback and help spreading the word.

Synopsis: Cowboy Smoke is a modern day action western that addresses a social issue that's on the tip of everyone's tongue, illegal immigration. When we first meet Joe, a drug-store cowboy type, he's a convenient store clerk who loves his job for one reason, the free standing quick-draw video game there called Cowboy Smoke. After beating the game and subsequently being fired for playing it while on the clock, Joe packs his boots and follows his dreams down to south Texas to learn about real cowboying.

Joe's idea of the mythic cowboy is quickly shattered when he comes in contact with the real deal; The first job he is offered is killing illegal Mexican immigrants simply because they are crossing over private property.

A few nightmarish twist and turns and Joe finds himself befriending a Texas Ranger who swears by the law yet has trouble practicing it; when Joe asks for help in stopping a truck that is hauling illegal immigrants, the Ranger refuses. His beliefs turned upside down, Joe is ready for anything when approached by a mysterious fugitive offering help and advice.

Together the two men take on a dying land baron and his human smuggling ring in an attempt to save a family of illegal immigrants. Cowboy Smoke is a modern take on the spaghetti westerns of the 1960's that breaks down the mythic Cowboy one bullet at a time.

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