“The Magic Quilt” movie slinks to theatres in Fall 2005
By Saltzman Communications
Dec 10, 2003, 16:25


December 10, 2003 – Beverly Hills, California - On the heels of their three recently announced animated feature films for spring 2004, H2V Kids, a new addition to Montreal-based H2V Entertainment, and their partner UKFS, have signed a deal with DoubleTake Spring Partners, Inc. and James Industries, Inc. to give the world famous SLINKY® a starring role, launching the legendary toy into the world of animation. H2V’s CEO Henrique Vera-Villanueva and the partnering companies will produce two feature length animated movies and an animated television series based on characters from the hit collection of Slinky® Pets toys.

With the script nearing completion, pre-production on the first Slinky movie “The Magic Quilt” will begin in February 2004 for a fall 2005 delivery. The features and television series (26 X 26) will combine 2D and 3D animation and will be produced at H2V’s studios in Montreal, Spain and Argentina. “The Magic Quilt” takes family audiences into a land of enchantment and adventure as the hilarious cast of Slinky spring toys and Slinky Pets follows a trail from patch to patch on the mysterious Magic Quilt.

One of the most recognizable toys in the world, the Slinky® is still made in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, with the original equipment Richard James created in 1945. In over fifty-seven years, the Slinky toy has changed little and over a quarter billion Slinkys have been sold. Slinky’s previous appearances on the silver screen include: Ace-Ventura-When Nature Calls, Demolition Man, Other People’s Money and Hairspray. In Disney’s animated features Toy Story and Toy Story 2, the Slinky Dog played a key role in the story. Today, Slinky and Slinky Pets toys are sold in more than 20,000 stores worldwide.

“This is a great way to kick off our kids division at H2V Entertainment. Working with the people at James Industries and DoubleTake is a dream come true. We all share the common goal of extending this evergreen toy into the imaginative worlds of animated film and television,” states H2V Entertainment president and CEO Henrique Vera-Villanueva. “Several new Slinky and Slinky Pets characters will be introduced through our stories, allowing another generation of kids to fall in love with this beloved toy.”

Ray Dallavecchia, president and CEO of James Industries, Inc., stated, “The H2V Kids project to bring animated Slinkys and Slinky Pets to the Big Screen is a fulfillment of the further evolution of an American icon. We look forward to entertaining kids of all ages with these feature animated movies.”

Al Lowenheim, president of Doubletake Spring Partners, Inc., added, “Slinky is magical, very special and a true part of our culture – everyone grew up with Slinky! Working closely with James Industries, and with H2V’s powerful creative, production and distribution team’s lead, we will give birth to a brand new family of Slinky characters and stories --- bringing the animated world of Slinky adventures – and the Slinky magic -- to the next generation.”

About H2V Entertainment
H2V Kids is a division of H2V Entertainment, which is the brainchild of Henrique Vera-Villanueva, José Antonio Ríos and José Luis Gil. Mr. Vera-Villanueva is the producer, director, president and CEO of the company, bringing with him wide-ranging international experience in the technology and media sectors, telecommunications and entertainment industries. H2V Entertainment is currently producing three animated feature films for spring 2004: “Manga Latina,” “Piñatas” and “Monica Made in America.” H2V Entertainment has a staff of 250 animators, a management team of 15, and studios in Montreal (Manga Latina Productions), Castellón, Spain (Excalibur Animación), Bilbao, Spain (Pit-A-Pat), and Argentina (Animatoon). The mission of H2V Entertainment is to create and distribute superior quality films appealing to a global audience, and to gradually expand into additional channels such as television, videogames, multi-media, licensing and merchandising. For more information, please visit

About UKFS
Based in the United Kingdom, UK Films Services Limited (UKFS) is the producer and financer of a diverse slate of feature films, in which the company is investing $125 million USD in 2003. UKFS is headed by Managing Director Owen Lynch and by Head of Production Robert Sidaway. The current slate of UKFS produced films range from historical epics to romantic comedies, from action thrillers to cutting-edge animated features. “Nouvelle France,” the $25 million historical drama that sets an intimate love story against the birth of Quebec, stars Gerard Depardieu and Irene Jacob and was
directed by Jean Beaudin. Other UKFS feature films include “Modigliani” starring Andy Garcia, “School for Seduction” starring Kelly Brook, and the three animated features co-produced with H2V Entertainment, “Manga Latina Killer on the Loose,” “Piñatas,” and “Monica Made in America”.

About James Industries, Inc.
James Industries is the manufacturer of the world-famous Slinky® and Slinky® brand toys. Slinky® brand toys include spinwheels, pom poms, batons, Slinky® Pets, award-winning Slinky® ScienceÔ kits, and more. All Slinky® spring toys have been manufactured in Pennsylvania for over fifty-seven years.

About DoubleTake Productions, Inc.
Doubletake Productions specializes in visualizing and crafting a vision for its clients. Its award-winning design teams, headed by Al Lowenheim and David Hamby, are multi-media architects -- focused on delivering the appropriate media (TV show, long-format film, interactive game or website), in 2D, 3D or a combination, to fulfill that vision. Doubletake seeks out rights to books, toys and other properties which have a large upside media potential --- such as SLINKY® -- then targeting and assembling the right financing, design and production partners around that property to bring it to life in the marketplace. For more information on DoubleTake Production, please visit

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