Remstar Corporation Signs a $40 Million Two Picture Deal with Writer/Director Rod On Jr.
By Sarah Harding
Nov 8, 2006, 12:43

Remstar Corporation Signs a $40 Million Two Picture Deal with Rod On Jr.

Remstar Corporation, a production, distribution and finance company based in Montréal, and the writer/director Rod On Jr. have entered a $40 million, two-picture deal. The deal includes “The Last Chapter,” a psychological thriller, and “My Life, My Secret,” a sociological drama. Rod On Jr who will also direct wrote both projects.

Remstar Production will finance the two pictures in exchange of all rights in North America. Remstar Distribution will handle theatrical distribution of the pictures in Canada. US Distribution is still in negotiation.

“The Last Chapter” is based on Mr. On’s forthcoming novel, "Le Dernier Chapitre." The novel will be published in March 2007 by Michel Lafon Publishing (Europe). Malcolm McDowell, Pete Postlethwaite, Virginie Ledoyen and Olga Sosnovska are already attached to play the supporting roles. Casting for the lead roles is still on going. Currently in pre-production, “The Last Chapter” will start shooting in early January 2007 in Montréal and Toronto.

Mr. On also penned the second project, “My Life, My Secret,” aka ”Ma Vie, Mon Secret,” a powerful sociological drama revolving around a corrupt police officer and his dysfunctional family. Set in Paris, Prague and Montreal, the film is tentatively scheduled to start production in July 2007.

Mr. On is also the author of “Strange Destiny” and “Just A Little Love.” His previous films include “Une Grande Perte” and “City and Crimes.” He has also directed several high tech music videos and commercials.

Brothers Julien and Maxime Rémillard founded Remstar Corporation, one of Canada’s leading independent entertainment companies, in 1998. Remstar acts not only as a production company, but also as a finance and distribution company. Since it’s creation the company has produced and financed such films as “Ma Fille, Mon Ange,” “Head in the Clouds” and “The Battle in Seattle.” Remstar also handled Canadian theatrical and video distribution for “Head in the Clouds” and “Triplets of Bellville.” André Rouleau, the firm’s Vice President of Production, will oversee the “The Last Chapter” and “My Life, My Secret” for Remstar.

André Rouleau negotiated the deal for Remstar Productions while Mr. Craig Bernestein and Michael Zammer acted on behalf of Rod On Jr.

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