Filmmaker David Moore's Latest Work To Be Released Via Internet Today
By Socionomics Institute
Apr 1, 2006, 11:26

Atlanta, GA -- Award-winning independent filmmaker David Moore announced today that his latest work, a one-hour documentary three years in the making, will be available for viewing via the internet at 12 noon Eastern.

The film's distribution campaign is innovative. Viewers anywhere can watch History's Hidden Engine on their PCs for free. Then those who wish can purchase a copy in DVD format. This appears to be the first-ever major documentary to be released in such a manner.

"It's an experiment," says spokesperson Mark Almand. "We think that people will want to purchase it even after they've seen it for free."

History's Hidden Engine explores society's moods and how shifts in overall mood affect areas as disparate as fashion, movies, politics, the economy and the tendency to make war. Moore says he was inspired to create the movie by "Popular Culture and the Stock Market," a report by financial analyst Robert Prechter. Moore quickly realized that "the ideas behind this field are too new and complex to explore in every aspect in a single documentary." Nonetheless, he liked the challenge of creating a film that includes the views of an increasing number of experts who are looking into the emerging theory called socionomics.

Moore spent more than three years researching, filming and producing the documentary.

History's Hidden Engine available for streaming and downloading at:

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