Film & Music Video Veteran Announces Formation of New TV Production Company
Feb 5, 2004, 15:31


NEW YORK -- Music, film and video industry veteran and President of MH3 Productions Mark Haefeli announces the formation of MH3-TV. Haefeli was most recently heralded for producing and directing the two-hour ABC special, "Paul McCartney Back In The US" as well as developing the triple platinum DVD for Capitol Records of the same title. MH3-TV will function as a production company that develops and distributes original programming for concert films, musical documentaries, and TV specials. With a West Coast division headed by Tom Grasty, the advertising, public relations and entertainment industry expert, MH3-TV will actively contribute to the development side of productions.

With a presence in California and New York, MH3-TV will strategize with television networks that will explore and represent a client's fiber best. MH3-TV will develop the production from start to finish, including premises, packaging, all media needs, and shop the production to television networks.

Haefeli feels MH3-TV is a natural extension of his current work. "Strategically, MH3-TV can keep a close eye on the bottom line and practice cost effective production techniques across the board. Creatively, this dynamic method guarantees continuity that is not usually seen in this kind of programming."

Haefeli is a seasoned music industry film and media expert, most recent work, "Paul McCartney In Red Square" premiered September 18th on the A&E Network. The two-hour concert film won unanimous critical acclaim with the New York Times calling the program " ... fascinating film making and story-telling. Perhaps the last great Beatles story ever told". Tom Grasty joined Haefeli to expand on his already rich history in the arena of film development.

Grasty served as Head of Development for VH1 Motion Pictures for Television and oversaw creative development of all long-form projects for the network, developing projects with Madonna's Maverick Films, Mel Gibson's Icon Pictures and Quincy Jones Entertainment. Grasty knew a partnership with Haefeli was in the cards for success. "Mark's roster of clients is a "who's who" of the musicians I grew up listening to. For the last few years I've been telling stories about those musicians; Mark's been telling stories with them. And when it comes to storytelling, Mark is the best."

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