"Paranoia Recurrent Dreams" (2005) a film by José Allende
By Leticia Hernandez
Jul 8, 2005, 14:15

"Paranoia Recurrent Dreams" (2005) a film by José Allende

"World Premier in INDIE FEST CHICAGO 2005"

About the Production
Paranoia Recurrent Dreams is Jose Allende´s “Opera Prima” as producer and director of this film. Allende is an experienced young actor and short film director; he studied cinematography in Madrid, Spain.

Allende says about his film: “This is a movie that goes against the logic. The fact that we finished this film with scarces economical resorces goles against all odds and logics; same as in our film, the mind doesn´t function the same way in every person".

The obsession for having an international quality film was the fact that delayed the finishing of the movie. Instead of ending the film in a year, it took Allende two years to ended. This delay led Allende to start looking for sponsorship of different companies.

Allende explains that he used Digital Video format for this film because DV has progressed so much and this technology has envolved so that, if your cinematographer is cautious and studies this techniquies enough, you can take good advantage of it and DV becomes a very useful tool if you don´t have the millions of dollars required to actually film in 35mm.In our case before shooting “Paranoia” we studied for 3 months and collected a lot of information and technical advisory from experience Brazilian and French Cinematographers who had worred with DV Format.

For feature films, this gave us enough knowleadge and certainly that filming in DV was an excellent choise that would give us a high quality product.

Post-Production was an area in which DV format gave a lot of advantage and let Allende´s production team explore much posibility that would turn out to be good choices for the film. “With over a year of editing this film I learned that with a non-lineal editing process, our type of movie becomes more interesting, makes the audience intereact with it in a closer manner. A lot of movie producers don´t take the risk of using this type of editing, they fear the audience will not understand the story, they underestimate their audience”, explains Astrid Capon, producer and editor of Paranoia.

Despite the low budget for the whole film, the music and sound effects were made by a group of excelent musician and creative sound mixers and engineers, like DMD studio, Raul Gonzalez, Sara Herrera and “Pato” former Singer of a very popular Mexican rock band called “Control Machete”; all of them giving all their support to this project. Making music and sound effects two of the important elements that sumerges the audience in an oniric world in which every thing can be a nightmare or a cruel reality.

José Allende.


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