SuperFlyCam is Acquired by Top Hat Productions
By Ira Semanoff, Vice President - Top Hat Productions LLC
Jun 20, 2005, 11:58

PHILADELPHIA - Top Hat Productions has acquired all rights to SuperFlyCam ™ from Garret Brown’s The Moving & Talking Picture Company. The acquisition positions Top Hat Productions as the worldwide leader in wire-borne, self-stabilizing, flying camera systems for motion picture production.

Top Hat President, Ben Semanoff said of the acquisition: “SuperFlyCam dramatically expands our commitment to the motion picture industry and is a natural extension of our expertise in camera-motion and camera-stabilization systems and technology.”

SuperFlyCam is specifically designed to meet the challenges of 35mm cinematography. It is also well-suited for 2K/4K HD cameras. SuperFlyCam achieves a breakthrough in ultra-lightweight design, ease of use, and performance. According its inventor, Garrett Brown, SuperFlyCam is one-tenth the weight of older systems. Top Hat President, Benjamin Semanoff, added: “Because SuperFlyCam is so much lighter and smaller than older systems, it sets-up easily using low-tension rigging and is the safest, most cost effective, point-to-point flying camera system in the world.”

Mr. Semanoff, who is a Steadicam operator as well as an entrepreneur, met Garrett Brown several years ago. Mr. Semanoff notes: “When I got to know Garrett, I was amazed by his breadth of knowledge and his resourcefulness in finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. You can see that in the SuperFlyCam design.”

SuperFlyCam has already been used successfully in the production of several major motion pictures in 2005, including: “The Brothers Grimm” (Dimension Films) and two films in which Mr. Semanoff provided technical services: “Stay” (Regency Pictures) and “Glory Road” (Walt Disney Pictures).

SuperFlyCam is available as a rental production package consisting of the ultra-lightweight, self-stabilizing SuperFlyCam camera support, 35mm SL-Cine Arri IIC camera, wireless pan and tilt head, wireless lens control, wireless video, rigging, and technician. SuperFlyCam is available from Top Hat Productions and their authorized representatives worldwide.

Top Hat Productions LLC was founded by Ben Semanoff and Ira Semanoff in 2001. Top Hat Productions has its headquarters and offices in the Philadelphia / New York City metropolitan area. The company provides production and post production services as well as equipment and crews for films, commercials, television, and music videos. Ben Semanoff’s work as a Steadicam operator has been seen in feature films and network television, and he has received Emmy recognition as a Steadicam Operator and Director of Photography.

Further information about SuperFlyCam can be found online at www.superflycam.comand by calling Ben Semanoff at 1.800.6.STEADI or 800.678.3234. SuperFlyCam is a trademark and sales mark of Top Hat Productions LLC.

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