EVT Educational Productions Launches 'THEN I'LL BE FREE TO TRAVEL HOME - The Legacy of the New York African Burial Ground,' a Major Multi-Part Radio Documentary Series
By EVT Educational Productions
Jan 29, 2004, 18:53

NEW YORK -- "The free Black population ... begins to emerge in about the 1640s ... for a period of about 25 years in American history, you have a community that gave the American Dream to people of all colors. This is the only Community where you could find a free Black Community, a free White Community, even Native Americans, some Asians here ..." -- Christopher Moore

Where? In New Amsterdam, a thriving, prospering community, living together in peace and harmony almost 400 years ago. This is only one of the intriguing histories of Africans in America revealed in "THEN I'LL BE FREE TO TRAVEL HOME -- The Legacy of the New York African Burial Ground."

This ground-breaking 13-part Documentary Series is believed to be the first in-depth exploration on Public Radio of what a diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-racial society we have always been. According to Executive Producer Eric V. Tait, Jr., "The series uses the discovery and legacy of the New York African Burial Ground to capture the significant impact and contributions African-Americans have made to the social, economic, and political development of the United States.

"THEN I'LL BE FREE TO TRAVEL HOME" chronicles factual stories about ordinary citizens and larger than life people of all backgrounds, who made this nation what it is today: the Lenapes and Jan Rodrigues; Susannah Anthony Roberts, Solomon Peters, Josiah Huddy, Colonel Tye and the Black Brigade; David Walker, David Ruggles and Elizabeth Jennings; the Tappan Brothers, Katie Ferguson, and Sergeant William H. Carney. It's a dramatic, exciting part of American history of which most people are completely unaware.

The Series is produced by EVT Educational Productions, Inc. in association with Station WBGO/Jazz, Newark, N.J. Thurston Briscoe, III, WBGO Program Director, is Host and Narrator. Jacquie Gales Webb is Supervising Producer and Chief Writer. Daryl M. Waters is the Music Arranger, Composer and Performer with solo performances by Noel Pointer and Ebony Jo Ann.

"THEN I'LL BE FREE TO TRAVEL HOME" is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Public Radio International (PRI). Distributed by PRI, it will begin airing nationally in February. PRI is a Minneapolis-based public radio network and audio publisher, which supports and distributes programs broadcast by its 744 public radio station affiliates. PRI programming also is available on locally-branded public radio station websites, internationally through the World Radio Network, and nationwide via Sirius Satellite Radio.

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