Highway Courtesans Wins Raves on the Road
By Women Make Movies
Apr 25, 2005, 22:03

This provocative coming-of-age film chronicles the story of a bold young woman born into the Bachara community in Central India – the last hold-out of a tradition that started with India’s ancient palace courtesans and now survives with the sanctioned prostitution of every Bachara family’s oldest girl. Guddi, Shana and their neighbor Sungita serve a daily stream of roadside truckers to support their families. Their work as prostitutes forms the core of the local economy, but their contemporary ideas about freedom of choice, gender and self-determination slowly intrude on the Bachara way of life.

Highway Courtesans follows Guddi from the ages of 16 through 23 as she turns her world upside down, incurring the wrath of her fathers and brother as she struggles with tradition, family and love in hopes of realizing her dreams. In probing beyond the surface of a world of paradoxes, Highway Courtesans resists easy moralizing and reveals the very real costs – financial, social and personal – for breaking with tradition. As a community hangs in the balance between traditional and contemporary values, this gripping documentary raises universal questions about sex, the roles of women, and the right of one culture to judge another.

IDFA, Int'l Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, World Premiere
South by Southwest Film Festival, US Premiere
Chicago Int'l Documentary Film Festival, President's Grand Jury Winner
IFP Market, Best of Fest, Berlinale Market
Women's Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
Jerusalem International Film Festival
Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival
Adelaide International Film Festival
Zagrebdox, Croatia
Belgrade Film Festival
Tekfestival, Rome, 2005
Jackson Hole Film Festival, 2005
Galway Film Fleadh, 2005
Nashville Film Festival Nashville Film Festival

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