Actress Barbara Niven movie "The Perfect Neighbor" Premieres April 11th
By Shadoeworks(R)
Apr 7, 2005, 19:34

Actress Barbara Niven, who played Kate Anderson on "Pensacola Wings of Gold", Marilyn Monroe in "HBO's The Rat Pack", and Liz Reynolds on ABC's "One Life to Live", stars in the Lifetime original movie, "The Perfect Neighbor" Monday, April 11th. The movie was filmed on location in Ottawa, Canada.

Barbara plays Donna Germaine, a friendly but not so perfect neighbor who lives next door to William and Jeannie Costigan, played by Perry King and Susan Blakely. A couple who are trying to sort through marital issues when an attractive neighbor arrives on the block to cause some desperate moments for all involved.

Everyone is invited to a kick-off online chat celebrating the premiere of Barbara's movie "The Perfect Neighbor". The online chat will take place Sunday, April 10th at 5pm PST. Visit for more information and for other info about Barbara's upcoming appearances and more.

Barbara will also make an appearance on SoapTalk, on SoapNet Monday, April 11th. She'll share a clip from "The Perfect Neighbor" and teach the hosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway a new skill she had to learn for an upcoming movie she'll be filming.


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